Business Development Representative

Total Compensation: $65,000 (Base + Incentive)

“Everyone requires experience. How do I get it if no one gives me my first position?”

We hear the above statement from candidates all the time. We created the position of Business Development Representative (BDR) to give individuals without software sales experience the opportunity to get into the technology industry. This position is the start of a career path that will enable you to become an Enterprise Account Executive making over $150,000-$250,000 per year. 

Goliath Sales Career Path

Position Tenure
Enterprise Account Executive 5+ Years
Senior Account Executive 3+ Years
Account Executive 1-3 Years
Business Development Rep 6-18 Months


The starting point is the BDR where, over a 12-18 month period, you will be enrolled in an exceptional training curriculum designed to develop sales skills and technical knowledge tailored for the software industry.

This position was created for candidates who want to begin a career in technology sales and are having difficulty because there is a requirement for past experience. At Goliath Technologies, we have a track record of hiring candidates with no tech experience but with a commitment to learn. Then, we create a well-defined path for career advancement and work with the team members to achieve their goals.


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Position Overview

Reporting to the Sales Leader, the BDR is responsible for qualifying inbound leads from marketing activities as well as finding new business through demand generation which leverages some of the latest tools and methods including, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and SalesLoft.

Marketing provides leads to the BDRs from activities such as weekly webinars, PPC, Social Media, Advertising, email campaigns and product launches. The BDR will qualify these leads and create sales opportunities that they will work with the Account Executive to close.

The BDR will also participate in ongoing weekly training to develop the technical knowledge and sales skills necessary to be successful in this position and advance their career and corresponding income.

Responsibilities and Skill Sets

  • Following up on leads interested in Goliath and speaking to 60+ prospects a day
  • Discovering new leads through internet research, social media monitoring/messaging, and 3rd party tools such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Sharing information about Goliath and asking questions about the prospect’s business objectives
  • Achieving, and exceeding, weekly/monthly metrics (appointments, qualified leads, new contacts, etc.)
  • Managing prospecting status, data integrity, and forecasting in Salesforce and Salesloft
  • Use pre-established procedures to respond to requests from internal and end-user customers, partners, and prospects via phone, web, and email.
  • Effectively establish customer relationships and identify opportunities by understanding and uncovering pain
  • Actively contribute ideas to develop their outbound strategy and drive pipeline growth


  • 2+ Years of sales related experience
  • Quantitative track record of exceptional performance in B2B technology prospecting
  • Sales-focused, strategic thinker, and highly organized in a fast-paced environment
  • Has a competitive spirit, coachable, and results driven
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills with ability to build influential relationships and deliver results in a cross-functional environment
  • Ability to understand customer needs and meet those needs with a successful product pitch
  • History of learning new tools and the ability to pick up new things quickly
  • Cultivating relationships with customers over the phone
  • Working knowledge of Salesforce, Microsoft Office, and 3rd party prospecting tools
  • BA/BS degree a plus but not required
  • Pass a background and security check

Personality Traits

This is a software company in the rapidly growing desktop virtualization and cloud computing marketplace. We have found that certain personality traits are present in the candidates that are most successful and happy at Goliath Technologies. We look for the following during the interview and selection process:

  • Initiative:  Take action without being instructed.
  • Overcoming Obstacles:  Find solutions to issues that slow progress.
  • Effective Communication:  Make others see another point of view and articulate a vision or strategy that motivates action.
  • Team Player:  Understand your role and make meaningful contributions to the larger goal of the work group or company.
  • Individual Drive:  Participate on a team with a deep desire for individual achievement.
  • Independent:  Capable of offering opinions and viewpoints that are contrary to those held by others within the work group or company.
  • Analytical Problem Solving:  Using data to support or disprove a hypothesis, solve business obstacles or challenge the status quo.
  • Performance Orientation:  Driven to achieve goals with the professional discipline to assess one’s own performance as measured against business objectives.
  • Tactfully Aggressive:  A sense of urgency that is not offensive to customers.


Goliath Technologies Company Overview

Goliath Technologies enhances end user experience by enabling proactive IT. Our end user experience management, monitoring, and troubleshooting products leverage embedded intelligence and automation to proactively identify events and conditions that cause performance issues and resolve them automatically with self-healing capabilities before end users are impacted. Armed with our portfolio of software solutions, IT Pros can deliver a seamless end user experience regardless of where workloads, applications, or users are located. Customers include Universal Health Services, Ascension, CommonSpirit Health, Penn National Insurance, American Airlines, Liberty Mutual, Bell Canada, Xerox, HCL, and others.

“People generate the ideas. People take those concepts and turn them into software. People market and sell the products while others support the customers who purchase. We are in the people business. We just happen to sell software.”

– Thomas Charlton, CEO & Chairman

Goliath Technologies

VMWare Ready
VMWare Ready

Perks and Benefits

Full Medical, Dental, and Vision

Career Development Training

Monthly Free or Catered Lunch

Quarterly Company Dinner

Monthly Happy Hours

Paid Time Off & Company Holidays

Revenue Sharing Compensation

Continuing Education Reimbursement

Bonus for New Hire Referrals

What is it like at Goliath? Hear from a few team members

Heather Hanlon

“I started with Goliath Technologies as an intern while I was in college. After graduating with Bachelors in Computer Science in 2014 I was offered a full time position in the technical operations department as a Technical Analyst.”

John Grant

Director of Worldwide Sales
Having come from other tech companies where “staff development” wasn’t exactly a priority, Goliath truly was a breath of fresh air for me. Irrespective of the department, the whole focus is on investing the time & resources in people so that they can grow their skill sets & advance their career goals. Add in total transparency & open communication with the executive team, and in my opinion it adds up to an exceptional environment for those who want to grow professionally. I knew it was for me.”

Joe Lacalandra

Senior Client Success Executive
“If you enjoy a fast-paced work environment where you can advance your career quickly than Goliath is a great fit for you.”

Jeremy Gabriel

Senior Account Executive
It’s fantastic to work somewhere that has such a clear sales process and methodology, where you utilize and learn not only tactics but strategy… For the individual it’s rewarding, if you take advantage of it, because there are resources available and easy to follow benchmarks of expectations to help you improve at your job and advance your career. In addition there is scheduled, on-going training to support you in that evolution, which everyone talks about being important but I’ve never seen done before on an organizational level. For increasing your expertise as a professional, for strengthening your mastery of attraction, influence, tactics, and strategy I can’t imagine a better place to work.”

Avi Lipp

Pre-sales Engineer
“Goliath has offered me the ability to progress my career through experience in multiple departments, enabling me to find what I am truly passionate about while providing me with the support and resources I needed to become successful within each position.”

Hear from industry leaders that are products of great culture created by Thomas Charlton. 

Adam Clay

– Chief Revenue Officer
“I started at Shunra Software as a Regional Sales Manager. After going through management training and mentoring I was promoted to VP of North American Sales, then VP of WW Sales. This all transpired within 5 years.”

Paul Throldahl

– Chief Revenue Officer
– Terrain Insights – PWC
“I have more experience than most with the Executive team’s philosophy and style. At Tidal Software I was regional manager and went through the sales, business, and management training programs. I then joined the Executive Team and implemented these same programs at TrailBlazer Systems, VoiceGenie, and finally PHD Virtual as VP of World Wide Sales. The philosophy of investing in employee development is one that I participated in and continue in my Company today.”

Matt Reid

– Chief Marketing Officer
– EZ Texting
“Early in my career I worked with this management team at Tidal Software as a Sales Engineer and was provided excellent business training. As the company grew, so did my responsibilities and I ended up quickly being promoted to Product Marketing. A few years later I joined the same executive management team at Shunra Software where I directed global product and marketing teams. The training and experience I gained in two companies with this team was invaluable and I now impart the lessons I learned to other colleagues.”

Adrian Lee Kwen

– Sr VP Engineering
– Genesys
“I worked at VoiceGenie Technologies with the CEO as a member of the Executive Team for two years prior to being acquired by Genesys. I learned many key things including the importance of rewarding and aligning teams. Moreover, I especially appreciated the focus of the CEO to continuously develop and improve myself and the rest of the management team.
I feel quite fortunate to have spent time on the CEO’s leadership team. We delivered on all metrics as a team and had fun despite the tremendous pressure. I continue to apply what I learned during this time in my current position.”

Todd Hogan

– Sr. Director Sales Operations and Enablement
– Synopsys
“I joined Tidal Software as an individual contributor and immediately appreciated the culture and performance-based attitude of the entire company. I enjoyed tremendous success at Tidal and was subsequently asked to lead a new strategic partnership team and then later promoted to RVP of Sales. It was an easy decision to join Shunra several years later to lead a sales team. The personal mentoring and management training I was exposed to in both organizations are directly responsible for my continued career growth.”

Bruce Eidsvik

– SVP, Global Revenue Marketing
– Genesys
“At VoiceGenie, I was one of the founders and ran the international sales force and in due course, the WW sales force. We had done well as a start-up, but we were running out of steam. Thomas was brought in as our new CEO to help re-ignite growth. Without any real changes to the management team, we reestablished our aggressive growth path and were successfully acquired 2 years later. I still work for the company, Genesys, that acquired VoiceGenie, along with many original VoiceGenie employees. It was a very fun ride and Genesys has been a great place to land.”