Cloud-Oculus: Goliath Equity Partnership Success Story

Written by Founder of Cloud-Oculus

“I built a software product in my spare time over two years and was considering leaving my full-time position to start a company with VC funding. I knew the risks associated with that option, so I formed an equity partnership with Goliath Technologies that allowed me to commercialize my product and create equity value with much less risk and a higher probability of success.”

– Founder of Cloud-Oculus

Journey to Owning My Own Product:

While studying Computer Engineering, we always had a strong culture of hacking on various projects, some as part of our courses and some for fun.  After graduating I worked for a wide variety of companies. All were focused on virtualization and cloud computing, from VC backed startups to some of the largest tech companies in the world.

Developing Cloud Products:

I’ve always wanted to take everything I have learned over the years and develop something the right way without compromise.  Building a platform in my spare time after my “day job” allowed me to ensure everything is done without cutting corners and reminded me of the fun projects we would do in college.

After seeing how companies deploy their apps across hybrid, multi-cloud environments, I built a cloud-native containerized monitoring platform with support for AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Equity Partnership with Goliath Technologies:

Once I had gotten the product to the point where it was able to be demonstrated, I started thinking about how to bring the product to market.  With no background in sales or marketing, it wasn’t going to be practical to completely bootstrap a software company.  Typically, the answer to this problem is to raise funding from a venture capital firm.  After working for a VC-backed startup and having friends have their VC-backed companies shuttered when they weren’t immediately successful, I wasn’t interested in giving up so much control: big offices and lots of SWAG, but the plug can be pulled at a moment’s notice.

I met Thomas Charlton through some friends who had worked with him in the past, where he was CEO.  While he doesn’t have a technical background, I’ve found that he trusts the advice given to him by his architects and maintains a consistent product strategy.

When I found that Goliath Technologies was interested in a cloud monitoring solution to complement their existing solutions, the partnership made perfect sense. Goliath already has an incredibly strong sales and marketing team, along with an existing customer base.  This allows me to focus on the technology, knowing the sales and marketing are in good hands.

If you are interested in an equity partnership with Goliath Technologies email