Goliath Technologies’ Mergers & Acquisitions


Our goal is to build a software company that provides high value technologies to our IT customers. Though our Research and Development group is very active in the design and release of leading edge products, we constantly look to broaden our product portfolio through strategic partnerships and acquisitions.

Augmenting internal development with partnerships or acquisitions is a common business practice across industries. However, the Goliath Technologies approach is somewhat different for the technology industry and may provide some Founders, Entrepreneurs, Investors, or Stakeholders with options that may not otherwise be possible through conventional avenues.

Our business model, coupled with the deep operational expertise of the executive team, allow us to consider partner companies or acquisitions that other firms may not. We do not have an abbreviated investment horizon or a high internal rate of return like many venture capital or private equity firms. Rather, we put the emphasis on long term growth by looking at product portfolio synergy and the revenue contribution of a specific technology over its full product lifecycle. In addition, because we are a group of operating executives with deep turn around expertise, we are willing to engage with organizations that might represent too high a risk profile for other parties.

Many of our technology partners have faced challenges to growth and believed passionately that there was a market for their technology, but lacked adequate resources, time, or team to realize the potential.

Our Partners generally fit into one or more of the following profiles:

  • Companies that are under-performing and therefore require time, effort, and resources before value can be realized.
  • Organizations that are performing well, but find it difficult to scale due to a limited product offering or access to financial resources.
  • Software development firms with custom software that can be packaged into a commercial offering.
  • Groups with free software that can be enhanced and commercialized.
  • Entrepreneurs, Founders, or Investors who have simply decided that it is time to move on to other opportunities.
  • A technology company that wants to divest certain technology assets.

If one of the aforementioned scenarios reflects your position, and you have a technology that is currently being utilized by IT professionals, feel free to contact us at partners@goliathtechnologies.com or by phone (855)-465-4284.

Recent Acquisitions


“The Goliath Team immediately understood the value of the tools we had developed and what it would take to bring these to market as a commercial offering. In addition, they had a well-planned strategy for integrating Aduro into the Goliath Family. Simply, they really understood that the social and cultural issues surrounding the acquisition were of equal importance as the business terms.”

-Raja Jadeja, Founder, Aduro

Breakout Software

“I had been steadily building my company for years. As a technologist who maintained a close relationship with my customers I was convinced that my technology was as good if not better than many competitive offerings. What I also knew, having successfully built one technology company that was acquired, was that most investors or those with financial resources have very narrowly defined criteria that determine which assets they can consider. My company did not attract the interest of investors.

Goliath was a different company altogether. They had a very deep understanding of what was required to build commercial software, the systems management marketplace, and an appreciation for the true market value of the technology if the proper resources were applied.

I decided to merge my company, Breakout Software, into Goliath Technologies. Their business framework and distribution model is a great compliment to my technology group. This partnership allows me the greatest opportunity to realize the full value of my technology.”

-Floyd Roberts, Founder, Breakout Software