Confirm Citrix Applications/Desktops will Launch When Users Logon


Goliath Technologies’ new Hosted Logon Simulator is preemptive simulation and alerting technology that initiates a real connection to Citrix, like an end user, to test and confirm the entire Citrix delivery infrastructure will successfully launch applications and desktops.


Philadelphia, PA–May 19, 2016–Goliath Technologies has officially launched the Goliath Hosted Logon Simulator for Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop. The Goliath Hosted Logon Simulator allows IT Operations teams to proactively ensure a positive Citrix end user experience by using this industry-first technology which tests and confirms that Citrix applications and desktops will successfully launch when end users logon to Citrix.

“Although the Goliath Hosted Logon Simulator is new, the technology is already being used by one of the top airlines in the world to confirm in advance that the airline’s remote representatives can access the Sabre reservation system,” said Thomas Charlton, Chairman and CEO of Goliath Technologies.

Residing securely in the cloud, the Goliath Hosted Logon Simulator sets up in 30-minutes and requires no internal resources or change requests. Once the technology is hosted in the cloud, IT Operations teams can instantly begin testing and confirming that the entire Citrix delivery infrastructure will work in concert to launch the end users’ Citrix applications and desktops.

Ricardo Ceballos, Director of Enterprise Managed Services at Forthright said, “Goliath enables us to proactively prevent about 70 support tickets per day. Goliath provides us with a centralized view of Citrix, our virtual infrastructure and correlates this with real time end user experience metrics. Coupled with the fact that they have proactive logon simulation functionality, is why we selected Goliath as a critical component in our managed services offerings.”

The Goliath Hosted Logon Simulator is unique in that it allows IT Operations teams to also control the logon frequency to test NetScaler, StoreFront, Delivery Controller, VDI, and XenApp Server to proactively ensure they work when Citrix end users logon.

“Now you can be alerted first if Citrix isn’t 100% available for remote users from any geographical location. The Goliath Hosted Logon Simulator doesn’t require software installation or purchase, so in 20 minutes you can begin to confirm Citrix applications and desktops will launch before end users have a problem,” said Rob Beekmans, Citrix CCE-V, CCEE, CCIA, VMware EUC Champion, VMware vExpert, VCP5 (DT)

To see the Goliath Hosted Logon Simulator in action, you can watch a 1-minute video. You can also get a fully supported 10-day free trial or personal demo.

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