Healthcare IT teams can now help physicians and healthcare workers deliver better patient care by ensuring uninterrupted access to EHR and business-critical applications using Goliath’s Logon Simulator to proactively resolve logon performance issues before end users are effected.


Philadelphia, PA | May 18, 2015

Goliath Technologies, the leading software company that develops proactive end user experience technology for the Healthcare IT industry, has released two new EHR end user logon experience products, the Logon Simulator for MEDITECH and Logon Simulator for Allscripts.

This new end user logon performance technology tests and simulates the exact process a real end user experiences as they attempt to logon to MEDITECH, Allscripts or access any application delivered through Citrix like Microsoft Office, Oracle, Browsers, and SAP.

“The Logon Simulator for MEDITECH and Allscripts let’s IT administration teams be proactive by using the technology to anticipate the experience that end user physicians and healthcare workers will have when they attempt to logon to MEDITECH and Allscripts,” said Thomas Charlton, CEO of Goliath Technologies.

When the Logon Simulator detects a logon performance issue, the administrator gets a preemptive alert, and in a single view, is able to identify the root cause and deploy remediation actions before physicians or healthcare workers fail to logon.

“We chose Goliath Technologies’ Logon Simulator and Performance Monitor because it is a single technology that provides us with visibility into the three key components of the IT infrastructure that impact end user experience–MEDITECH, Citrix XenApp and VMware. We use the Goliath on a daily basis to proactively manage our MEDITECH application so physicians and healthcare workers have unhindered access,” said Mike Tremel, Sr. Systems Engineer at Augusta Health.