Free Implementation & Training for IT Pros Dealing with COVID-19

We can’t cure COVID-19, but we can help reduce the pain our IT pros are feeling in trying to deal with the remote worker crisis.  Goliath is offering free turnkey implementation and training to get teams up and running as quickly as possible. We also are offering flexible subscription and payment terms to better serve these unplanned needs.

Goliath Technologies has long been the standard for enabling remote workers by providing technology to help remote workers maintain seamless access to their applications. We give IT the data they need to troubleshoot home office environments, pinpoint root cause, and document with reports on any performance issues so IT can have productive conversations with users, management, and vendors. And if management wants to know who is working, we have out-of-the-box reports to document remote users’ activity.

Click here to watch a short video on how Penn National Insurance supported their remote worker program with Goliath.

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Goliath’s Turnkey Implementation Services

Goliath offers software to help IT teams monitor, troubleshoot, and report on the remote worker experience within 2 hours of purchasing the software. Here is how:

  • Takes less than 2 hours to implement Goliath with a proven methodology of having technical consultants walk IT teams through the implementation.
  • Goliath’s technical consultant will help you configure the top used out-of-the-box reports and alerts for tracking remote worker activity and performance metrics within your environment.
  • Goliath is delivered with embedded intelligence and automation that serves as a full-time troubleshooting expert available 24/7/365 requiring no training. The metrics captured makes it easy to isolate root cause for fast resolution. And if you don’t understand some of the metrics from Citrix or VMware Horizon, our inline documentation makes it easy to not only understand the metrics but also how to use the metrics to effectively troubleshoot (Figure 1). You don’t need to be a Citrix or VMware Horizon expert to use Goliath.


Close up look at troubleshooting view

Figure 1: Goliath offers embedded intelligence & automation which capture deep and broad metrics of an entire end-user Citrix or VMware Horizon session. The inline help enables admins to get up to speed quickly and understand how to use the metrics to troubleshoot and find resolutions quickly.