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Try the Early Warning System That Saved Over 1.65 Million Hours of Application Downtime

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Do you know for sure what will happen when end users try to launch your most critical applications?  The Goliath Application Availability Monitor (GAAM) lets you be proactive and know for sure.  This unique early warning system launches applications just like a real user to confirm your applications are truly available.  If there are errors, you’ll receive objective screenshot evidence showing exactly what went wrong, where and why — and get alerts before your end users are impacted.  This is the only way to actually prove everything is working as it should because it accounts for all variables in your environment, including:

  • Networks Not Available

  • Issues in the Desktop Virtualization Delivery infrastructure

    • Citrix: ICA, NetScaler, StoreFront, XenApp, XenDesktop, VDI Sessions
    • VMware Horizon: Load Balancer, Connection Server & Composer, vCenter Server, Virtual Desktop Pools, RDSH Pools
    • Microsoft RDS: Gateway, Web Access, Session Host, Virtualization Host
    • Back-end Systems: Active Directory, SQL, License Servers, Profile Servers
  • Virtualized Desktops or Applications

  • Applications Not Enumerating

  • Application or Desktop Launch Failure

  • Slow Application Launch Times

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The Goliath Application Availability Monitor provides incredible value, especially at the price point. This is a subscription-based tool available at $2,500/year per end point. That means, for about $200/month you have the equivalent of a full time Citrix Administrator proactively finding issues before your end users are impacted, finding true root cause, and freeing up your IT team for other projects. It’s a real win-win.

Bill Kleyman, Director of Technology Solutions at EPAM Systems

How GAAM Proactively Solves These Issues:

The key to GAAM is the Goliath Virtual User, which can be deployed at any location and logs in just like a real user to proactively anticipate, troubleshoot, and prevent issues before any end users are impacted. GAAM is much more than a typical logon simulator! It includes:

  • Automatic Scheduling: Immediately alerts administrators of end user experience issues, regardless of location.
  • Screenshot Analysis: Each test documents with screenshots to provide confirmation of each stage or document failure and capture any on-screen errors which are difficult to pinpoint.

  • Goliath Performance Monitor (GPM) Integration: GAAM is fully integrated with GPM to provide an end-to-end troubleshooting solution.

  • Centralized Control: All of this is handled from a central, simple interface with no need for scripting or intervention at the end points themselves.

Don’t just hope users can access your mission critical applications – prove it with the Goliath Application Availability Monitor. Fill out the form above to download your free trial now.  Our award-winning technical team can even help set up the product and schedule your first availability test – it’s that easy.