Monitor & Troubleshoot the End-User Experience Across Cerner RHO and On-Premises Infrastructure 

“At Health Systems using Cerner, Goliath identifies the true root cause of end-user experience performance problems by using data to identify what specific component is impacting the provider experience so it can be resolved quickly and provide a better overall user experience for our clients.”

– Chris Vernaci, VP and Partner, Cerner Corporation


Goliath offers the only technology that is deployed in Cerner RHO correlating performance data with metrics from the end-user experience and the delivery infrastructure (Citrix, VMware Horizon). We give Health IT Pros the ability to:

  • Anticipate performance issues with an early warning system to test the entire delivery infrastructure before end-users logon.
  • Troubleshoot end-user experience complaints quickly such as slow logons or session performance.
  • Document end-user performance metrics to provide objective evidence performance guarantees are being met and foster collaboration with IT counterparts, other vendors, management, and end users.

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Mike Nelson, Sr. VP of Strategic Services, Universal Health Services

“We selected Goliath Technologies because their end-user experience monitoring and management supports Cerner and identifies systems degrading before physicians and patients are impacted.”

Buzzy Mullahkhel, Sr. Director of Application Services, Intermountain Healthcare

“Prior to Goliath, we would call Cerner 9 out of 10 times when our end users had performance problems. Now with Goliath, we can quickly identify root cause of performance issues and more often than not the issue has nothing to do with Cerner but is related to Citrix or end-user behavior eliminating those calls altogether.”

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