On-Demand Webinar: How to Reduce Barriers to Clinician Satisfaction with Cerner

When Cerner Millennium slowness complaints come in from end users there is often finger-pointing on whether the root cause is with hosted Cerner Millennium or a problem with the on-premises IT delivery infrastructure. The blame game can be avoided completely because there is new technology, that is powerful and relatively inexpensive, which isolates the root cause of poor end-user performance issues looking across all IT elements (Citrix, VMware Horizon, Microsoft), end-user behavior, and Cerner Millennium hosted in RHO.

Hear Chris Vernaci, VP and Partner at Cerner, share how his clients leverage Goliath to collaborate with Cerner and reduce the barriers to clinician satisfaction and usage of Cerner Millennium.

Based on real-world examples from Chris’s clients, we will be showing how we were able to:

    • Resolve Cerner downtime by identifying incorrect configuration within their Citrix farm.
    • Identify Dragon Dictation crashing issue which wasn’t Cerner’s fault but an error with the native app.
    • Determine root cause of Cerner is slow complaints was network routing error.

Learn how to better anticipate, troubleshoot, and prevent clinician performance issues across your IT delivery infrastructure and Cerner.

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Designed and Hosted by Telemitra Inc | ©2021 Goliath Technologies. All Rights