New Pricing for MSP’s & CSP’s

Very Low Pricing Allows MSP’s & CSP’s to Provide Monitoring to Current Contracted Customers

Our Service Providers came to us with a problem: “We have fixed fee contracts with current customers so our margin is set. But we now need additional monitoring, alerting, reports or troubleshooting. Can you help with pricing”. We responded with very low pricing (VLP) so they could acquire our software at a discount so extreme that it barely impacted their margin.

Our Software is purpose-built for Service Providers and includes the following:

Purpose Built Functionality:

  • Out-of-the-Box Multi-Tenancy

  • Group assets by customer, application, infrastructure, etc.

  • Apply security by role and customer

  • Remote site/On-premises IT infrastructure autodiscovery

  • Automatic deployment

  • Pre-configured monitoring rules

  • Intelligent alerting

  • Remote monitoring master agent

  • Real-time dashboards, historical reports, and daily health checks

Proactive Features:

  • End User Logon Simulator

  • NetScaler analytics, reports & analysis

  • Proactive remediation engine

  • Threshold based alerts

    • Events, Failures, Conditions
  • Help desk alert resolution feature

Business Model:

  • Branded Reports

  • Vendor Billing Reconciliation

  • Chargeable Value Add Offerings

    • Monthly Reporting
    • Troubleshooting
    • Application Availability
  • Service Based/Monthly Pricing

  • Special Pricing for In-Force Contracts

    • Reduced Price to Accommodate Fixed Current Customer Contracts
  • OEM/Private Label

Have Questions about our Special Pricing for MSP’s & CSP’s?

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