New Release of Goliath Software Enables Proactive Remediation, Intelligent Troubleshooting, and Preventive Care for End User Experience Challenges

IT Pros Become Proactive Problem Solvers Across Citrix and VMware Horizon Environments with Goliath Technologies

December 4, 2019 — Philadelphia, Pa. — Goliath Technologies announces a new release of its industry-leading technology with enhanced embedded intelligence and automation, raising the bar for end user performance monitoring and troubleshooting for environments built on Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop or VMware Horizon platforms whether on-premises or in the cloud (e.g. AWS, Azure). With Goliath’s unified view of end user experience data across any hybrid landscape, IT is positioned to proactively ensure a great end user experience regardless of where end users or workloads are located.

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop or the VMware Horizon IT delivery stack is complex consisting of a mix of virtual servers, hardware servers, network technologies, peripheral devices, and apps, along with a mix of on-premises and cloud technologies. End user behaviors have changed, too, with workers now accessing technology remotely and from multiple devices. All this has increased the complexity and made it harder to diagnose productivity problems. Understanding where problems are stemming from and how to address them today requires tools that are purpose-built for essentially any hybrid landscape.

“Today, our most skilled IT professionals are in continuous reaction mode,” said Thomas Charlton, Chairman and CEO of Goliath Technologies. “They’re battling user productivity challenges impacted by the complex delivery infrastructure from Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop and VMware Horizon along with the unpredictable and changing user behaviors. We believe IT can and must break out of reaction mode, becoming a proactive and preventive enabler of end user productivity. But doing so requires a purpose-built tool that leverages embedded intelligence and automation to deliver a single view of all performance data that monitors the myriad of IT infrastructure elements that impact the user experience.

Goliath Technologies’ new release includes granular metrics that help IT quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues in hours, not days. It automates early warning alerts to provide IT with time to resolve issues before end users are disrupted. And, by leveraging objective evidence from reports and analytics, IT can readily diagnose root causes and collaborate with cross-departmental counterparts and vendors with confidence to create permanent solutions.

“Goliath Technologies is our must-have partner when it comes to quickly identifying issues and resolving them for our users,” said Dan Morrison, Director, IT I&O at Penn National Insurance. “With the new views, charts, and screens, we’ll have immediate access to the data we need to keep everyone productive. And the solid foundation Goliath provides in objective data reporting helps us prevent finger-pointing between our IT teams, external vendors as well as all internal stakeholders.”

Goliath Technologies’ new product release provides and enhances these key capabilities:

Visibility and traceability into root causes of end user experience performance problems.

      • Intelligent search for individual session information, so IT can more quickly troubleshoot and react to support tickets or calls.
      • Easily consumable charts for problem-related metrics, highlighting data point correlations, and enabling dynamic drill downs into data with contextual hovers.

Data correlation around in-session performance for a holistic view of session performance for each end user.

      • At-a-glance summary of in-session performance for rapid pinpointing of productivity challenges stemming from logon duration, ICA/HDX or PCoIP/BLAST protocols application resources, and other critical touchpoints within the virtual workspace delivery infrastructure.
      • Easy to understand logon duration analytics to quickly identify exactly when and where logon slowness occurs, as well as root causes.
      • New alert and event log dashboard from the server hosting session, in context with all other session data, in a convenient, contextual tab.

Enhanced historical reports and analytics dashboards to quickly identify root causes and deliver permanent resolution.

      • New reports enabling drill down into license usage, session logon duration, end user activities, and more, with detailed historical reports that include trend insights.
      • Easier troubleshooting via personalized dashboards and configurable sorting criteria, with column filtering and customization to better view analytics around end user activity and performance.
      • Quickly and easily configuring charts via simple drag and drop, to create personalized views.

The new Goliath Technologies release is available today, December 4th, 2019, and can be downloaded by customers here.

About Goliath Technologies

Goliath Technologies offers IT professionals monitoring and troubleshooting software with embedded intelligence and automation that is purpose-built to help IT proactively anticipate, troubleshoot and prevent end user experience issues – regardless of where IT workloads or users are located. By doing so, Goliath helps IT break out of reactive mode, into proactive mode. Customers include Universal Health Services, NorthBay Healthcare, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Bank of America, American Airlines, Office Depot, Tech Mahindra, Pacific Life, Xerox, HCL and others. Learn more about how we empower proactive IT at