How to Positively Impact Your Epic Hyperspace Honor Roll Status by Lowering Your Exception Rates

We leverage Goliath’s out-of-the box  alerts to  proactively notify us on the performance factors that impact Client CPU Time, such as Citrix logon times or overall session performance, so that we can proactively address performance issues before Client CPU Time workloads are impacted which could negatively impact our response time exception rate.” – Director of IT for 4,500 user Epic Health System

Goliath Technologies offers technology that can assist Health Systems using Epic Hyperspace to be awarded or maintain their Honor Roll Status by reducing their response time exception rates measured in Epic System Pulse Analytics. There are many factors that are taken into consideration relative to achieving the Epic Honor Roll, and we are not suggesting that we can help with all the criteria. However, our technology, available through the Epic App Orchard, enables Health Systems to discover and quickly resolve end-user experience issues that often are a result of a problem with the underlying IT delivery infrastructure (Citrix or VMware Horizon) that can negatively impact response time exception percentages and workflow count.

At Goliath we help Health Systems lower their response time exception rates by:

  • Avoiding exception rate alerts by proactively monitoring and alerting on key elements that can impact specific workflows, like Client CPU Time, with out-of-the box alerts.
  • Troubleshooting quickly and reducing the time to remediation when exception percentage rates spike above acceptable %.
  • Preventing end-user experience issues that will raise exception rates by delivering key performance reports and analytics that give visibility into the factors that impact exception percentage and response time scores used in determining Honor Roll status.

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Having a tool like Goliath that can report on the portion of the experience that sits BETWEEN the Citrix server and the end user is extremely important in helping me get to the bottom of the complaints, especially if it can correlate this data with other useful metrics within my environment.  Sometimes users just can’t or won’t accurately describe what is going on.” – Epic Hyperspace Administrator

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