3rd Party Integration for Reporting

Faster Insights with Data Visualization

Goliath Technologies correlates performance and usage metrics from end user experiences, Citrix and VMware Horizon stacks, and supporting infrastructure. Organizations can then share, integrate, and enhance this data to gain end-to-end visibility and collaborate with other IT departments, management, vendors, and end users.

With Goliath, customers can leverage third-party reporting platforms, such as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, and Microsoft Excel, to visualize data around end user experiences and the delivery infrastructure (Citrix, VMware Horizon). Goliath offers pre-built templates to simplify the integration with Microsoft Power BI.

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Sample Templates for Microsoft Power BI

Available Power BI Templates

Goliath Performance Monitor includes templates that can be used to create your own reports in Microsoft’s Power BI. Here is a sample of what is included:

  • Logon Duration for Citrix XenApp: Several templates exist reporting average logon times and breakdown per stage over time by delivery group. One template represents logon times graphically with the ability to filter by date, server, and application.
  • Citrix License Usage Metrics: This report displays license usage by group or time period, with adjustable filters for data ranges and groups.
  • Citrix End User Activity: This report displays end user activity at an individual user level identifying over a period of time total active hours, average logon speed, and average time of logon broken down by logon stages.

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