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Advanced Reporting & Dashboards – Microsoft Power BI & Tableau

To support the wide range of customer reporting requirements, Goliath Performance Monitor and Goliath Application Availability Monitor provide full access to the entire range of data collected and stored in our Microsoft SQL Database. As individual customer requirements for presentation, analytics, and data correlation may vary greatly, Goliath is adding support for Microsoft Power BI and Tableau to enable our customers to generate reports and dashboards with all of the flexibility enabled by these platforms.

By leveraging Microsoft Power BI and Tableau in conjunction with Goliath Performance Monitor and Application Availability Monitor, customers will have complete control over the data to develop dynamic dashboards and reports for management, engineering, and troubleshooting purposes. These reports and dashboards are able to present data with both full historical context and real-time information. Furthermore, data can be combined to display intersecting Citrix end user experience, Hypervisor performance, and application resource usage to identify bottlenecks and capacity trends. User session activity can be tracked to provide auditing and troubleshooting context for the Help Desk, or a Health Dashboard leveraging Goliath’s end-to-end and full stack visibility. Because Goliath can report on performance from the virtual desktop infrastructure down to the user, performance and resource usage can be presented based on user location, subnet, application, infrastructure footprint, and other combinations.

Leverage Next-Generation Reporting and Visualization Tools for Faster Insights

The following is a subset of the data available via integration with Microsoft Power BI or Tableau:

IT Infrastructure:

  • Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop User, Session Host, and Site Performance and Health

  • VMware Horizon User, Machine, and Environment Performance and Health

  • Microsoft RDS Performance and Health

  • VMware vSphere Host, VM, Storage, and Network Performance, Capacity, and Health

  • Citrix XenServer Host, VM, Storage, and Network Performance, Capacity, and Health

  • Windows and Linux Performance, Capacity, and Health

  • Application Process Performance and Health

Goliath Application Availability Monitor:

  • Availability by application and location

  • Logon by application and location


  • MEDITECH Performance, Capacity, and Health

  • Epic System Pulse

  • Allscripts Health


  • Microsoft SQL

  • Microsoft Exchange

  • Microsoft Active Directory

  • Any applications which publish Performance Counters through Windows