Advanced Reporting & Analytics Module

Leverage Next-Gen Reporting and Visualization Tools for Faster Insights

With Goliath Technologies new Advanced Reporting and Analytics Module, customers can now leverage third-party reporting platforms such as Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Excel, and Tableau.  Goliath Technologies offers several advanced reporting and analytics options:

  • Microsoft Power BI Templates: Goliath offers Microsoft Power BI templates with this module.
  • Customized Template Design: Goliath offers services to build custom templates from existing views as part of the implementation process, or additional development for reports requiring access to new metrics.
  • Client Reports: Clients may develop their own reports and templates by accessing the SQL Server database views and tables available in Goliath Performance Monitor 11.7.6 or later. A Reference Guide is available to describe the available metrics in more detail.

As individual customer requirements for presentation, analytics, and data correlation may vary greatly, Goliath supports Microsoft Power BI and Tableau to enable our customers to generate reports and dashboards with all of the flexibility enabled by these platforms.   Below are available templates included with Goliath, and other sample reports created by our customers.

Microsoft Power BI Templates and Sample Reports

  • License Usage Report
  • Session Logon Duration Report
  • Session Logon Duration Pivots (alternative)
  • End User Activity
  • Average Logon Duration by Logon Stage
  • Total Connection by Date and Location
  • Average Logon Duration by Date
  • Average Logon Duration by Stage
  • Application Availability Alerts vs. User Alerts

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Available Views:

Goliath Performance Monitor version and later includes the below database views that can be used to create your own reports using tools like Microsoft’s Power BI and Excel, Tableau, or, for advanced users, custom reporting applications that extract and report on SQL Server Data.

The following database views are available from the GPM database out of the box:

  • Latency Report: The latency report view includes Goliath’s unique metrics designed to pinpoint the root cause of session slowness.
  • Citrix License Metrics: This view tracks metrics like minimum, maximum and average users and sessions, aggregated by session groupings.
  • Performance Metrics: This view tracks the performance group and user count metrics by computer or user groups.
  • Citrix XenApp Session Duration: This view tracks session duration details including logon duration metrics.

*Additional metrics may be available but will require custom development

A Reference Guide is available to help you understand and define the key reporting elements as well as the additional tables that are exposed in the database.