How to Troubleshoot Citrix ICA

Citrix ICA latency can be caused by overall network latency or because the ICA protocol is experiencing latency due to a performance issue within a user’s Citrix session. To truly identify root cause, visibility into all ICA channels is a must.

Problem: Reduce End User Complaints by Finding Root Cause of Slow Citrix Session Performance

Citrix monitoring includes unique metrics that provide full visibility into all 50 ICA channels. This allows you to troubleshoot Citrix session slowness issues by immediately identifying if an issue is caused by network issues, server issues, or user behavior. Further, Goliath provides intelligent alerts to latency issues on any ICA channels, including:



Local Drive





Smart Card Bandwidth

Session Bandwidth

PN Agent/Seamless Window


Pinpoint Root Cause to Remediate and Improve End User Experience

Many technologies can indicate high latency on ICA channels. But only Goliath gives you the unique metrics easily identify the root cause of high latency. Plus, you receive access to the real-time the Citrix ICA Latency Analysis Dashboard, and intelligent, real-time alerts based on high ICA latency thresholds.