Troubleshooting Citrix or VMware Horizon Session Slowness

Struggling to resolve Citrix or VMware session slowness issues for your end users? Receiving vague slowness complaints?

Watch this troubleshooting demo to see how you can pinpoint the root cause of vague slowness complaints, resolving issues permanently, in just a few clicks. Whether performance is being impacted by network issues, connectivity, or user behavior, our embedded intelligence and automation helps IT to speed time to remediation for end-user experience issues.

“We selected Goliath Technologies as it offered us a single pane of glass along with deep and broad metrics to isolate the root cause of end user performance issues beyond Citrix. It easily identified if slow performance could be attributed to a bad network drive mapping inside of a group policy or to slow connection speed with a user working from their home WiFi network.”

Vitaly Petrovsky, Manager of Enterprise Applications, Maimonides Medical Center

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