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“Threshold based alerting has allowed us to reduce support tickets by 30%” We tuned alerts and set thresholds so we receive notifications in enough time to fix issues before users are impacted. This allows us to reduce support tickets by 30%.

George Buelna
IT Infrastructure Director at Fascet LLC-Hosted Application Service Provider for Global Investment Community

“Goliath Technologies hit the mark in all areas. We found they have out of the box functionality to support Citrix, plus, Goliath has features that contemplate the needs of managed service providers. Goliath fully understands the unique economic model and IT infrastructure challenges facing managed service providers, so we have confidence in Goliath’s ability to support us long term.”

John Centinaro
SVP National Services at MTM Technologies

“Working with Goliath Technologies was refreshing. We challenged Goliath to resolve issues related to Citrix, McKesson and Allscripts. They installed their product in one day. In approximately one month, support tickets dropped by 25%.”

Chad Brisendine
CIO at St. Luke’s Health Network

On Demand Webinars

Healthcare IT

Watch this CIO Insight on-demand webinar with Chad Brisendine from St. Luke’s University Health Network to hear how Chad proactively created ‘Always On’ Healthcare IT at St. Luke’s and how you can too.

Upgrading to XA/XD 7.6

This on-demand webinar covers the process and selection criteria to help you choose an EdgeSight replacement & Director enhancement for XenApp/XenDesktop 7.6 that meet the strict technical requirements of Citrix Engineers.

Logon Simulator

Watch this Citrix troubleshooting on-demand webinar to learn how to proactively prevent Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop logon issues and improve the end user experience.

Customer Success Stories

How a Top 5 Global Retailer Proactively Manages the Performance of their Citrix Platinum SDX NetScalers.

How this School Ensures a Positive End User Experience in their XenDesktop 7.6, XenServer, VMware & NVIDIA vGPU Environment

“In approximately one week, support tickets dropped by 25%” – CIO of St. Luke’s University Health Network

Upcoming Webinars

How to Proactively Troubleshoot & Fix Common Citrix End User Issues Like Logon Slowness & Printing Failures

Wednesday, February 10th
12:30 pm ET | 9:30 am PT

On this free live webinar, learn how to proactively troubleshoot & fix common Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop issues with LogonsPrintingProfilesSessions.

How to enhance your NetScaler with Real-time Performance Dashboards, Unlimited Time Frame Reports & Threshold-based Alerts

Thursday, February 11th
12:30 pm ET | 9:30 am PT

Learn how to enhance your NetScaler by adding real-time performance dashboards and threshold-based alerts so you can troubleshoot NetScaler/end user issues, view live user sessions, live share NetScaler performance data and collaborate with your team to deploy remediation actions. 

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Goliath Blog

How a Top 5 Global Retailer Proactively Manages the Performance of their Platinum SDX NetScalers that Process 10,000+ Transactions Per Second

Editor’s note: the retailer featured in this post has given us permission to tell their story to help their fellow IT Operations teams solve similar challenges. Their brand name has been redacted for competitive and privacy reasons.   The Retailer’s Business Challenge: Lack of visibility into…

Success Story: How CDK Global Ensures a Positive End User Experience for their 27,000 Managed Service Provider Customers

How CDK Global, an MSP, Proactively Ensures a Positive VMware End User Computer Experience for their 27,000 Auto Dealerships“We wanted a product for our VMware environment that was very competitively priced, had great flexibility, a complete feature set and was easy to implement and manage. We fou…

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