Goliath Technologies Announces Observability Support for Windows 365 Cloud PC 


Goliath joins Microsoft as an ISV partner in supporting customers as they increasingly adopt hybrid cloud environments with monitoring support for W365 Cloud PC 


PHILADELPHIA, March 12, 2024 — Goliath Technologies, a leader in end-user experience monitoring and troubleshooting software, today announced the general availability of W365 Cloud PC monitoring, further strengthening Goliath’s ISV partnership with Microsoft. By incorporating W365 Cloud PC monitoring into industry-leading Citrix and VMware Horizon monitoring and troubleshooting software, Goliath Performance Monitor further expands the ability of IT Support to monitor and troubleshoot end user experience in hybrid multi-cloud environments from a single platform. 

As new technologies like W365 Cloud PC are introduced to an organization’s tech stack, challenges for IT are multiplied. Managing a hybrid environment with multiple unaffiliated technologies generally requires multiple native monitoring tools which leads to manual correlation of data and a reliance on inference rather than facts to understand impact on end user experience. With W365 PC monitoring support, Goliath now provides performance and resource utilization, alerting, and reporting for your Cloud PC environment. By correlating W365 Cloud PC data into a single view with all other infrastructure and end user experience metrics, IT can seamlessly monitor and troubleshoot end user experience in a hybrid environment from a single platform without context switching between multiple monitoring solutions.   

“We continue to enable digital transformation by delivering observability data so that IT professionals can use contextual performance and end user experience metrics to proactively manage hybrid IT environments. Our products leverage AI and automation so that our customers will remark that our technology is like adding full-time employees to their staff who are dedicated to isolating and resolving end user experience issues,” says Thomas Charlton, CEO at Goliath Technologies. 

The latest version of Goliath Performance Monitor introduced an industry-first AI troubleshooting assistant known as KIP. The power of AI combined with embedded intelligence and automation now empowers IT generalists to draw from deep Citrix and Horizon knowledge and troubleshooting guidance earlier in the escalation path freeing up IT Admins and Architects to work on higher value strategic initiatives and ultimately take a proactive IT posture. 

“This is an excellent use of AI and is game-changing in the end user experience troubleshooting space. With KIP, Goliath’s AI persona, you get an extra Citrix expert in-house, always ready to help and assist you,” states Chris Twiest, Citrix Technical Professional   

Goliath has expanded their partnerships with Microsoft, Citrix, and Google as they continue to provide market-leading monitoring and troubleshooting solutions for an increasingly hybrid IT environment. With significant investment from all parties, Goliath will continue to bring capabilities to the marketplace designed with an ease of use and price profile unmatched across the industry. 

Windows 365 Cloud PC monitoring is now available.

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