Floyd Roberts, CTO & VP Development, Goliath Performance Monitor Products

As leader of the Goliath Performance Monitor Products Group, Floyd is responsible for the design and development of the Goliath Performance Monitor product portfolio.

Prior to Goliath Technologies, Floyd Roberts was the founder of Breakout Software in 1998 and the chief architect/developer of MonitorIT, a leading server and network monitoring solution for SMB and Enterprise businesses.  Breakout Software was acquired by Goliath Technologies in 2010.

Mr. Roberts was previously Vice President of Development & General Manager of the Remote Computing Products Group of Artisoft, Inc. In 1985, Mr. Roberts co-founded Triton Technologies, Inc., where he was the original developer of the market leading remote communication software CoSession. Under Mr. Roberts’ leadership, CoSession achieved the number one unit market share position in the Remote Access Client Software category, as tracked by International Data Corporation (IDC). Artisoft, Inc. acquired Triton Technologies in December 1995.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Roberts worked for RCA Global Communications. His responsibilities there included programming group leader for RCA’s telex exchange and store and forward message switching systems. After leaving RCA, Mr. Roberts founded Tachyon, Inc. to pursue consulting. He consulted to European-American Bank (EAB) on a major computer network project; subsequently, Mr. Roberts consulted in the development of PC based projects for The Chicago Tribune; and later UNIX based communication projects for Autologue Data Systems, a Safeguard Scientifics company.

Mr. Roberts has a BA in Mathematics from LaSalle University in Philadelphia, PA.

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