In this brief post, I will discuss how specific functionality in our products helped our Citrix service provider partner avoid downtime and improve the economics of his business.

Headquartered near Dallas, XenWinGo, a Citrix Service Provider (CSP) provides customers completely hosted Citrix virtual desktops  that can be accessed by end users anywhere and from any device. XenWinGo’s DaaS service is sleek, streamlined, and simple.  All of the applications customers’ needs (email, office programs, financials, CRM, etc.) are bundled together into one platform that is hosted in a Citrix-based cloud environment.

A problem free Citrix end user experience is essential to retaining their impressive customer base and maintaining an efficient cost structure for delivering those services.  We have partnered with XenWinGo for over five years to help with both.

Mark Gigliotti, President of XenWinGo and its parent company USACI, recently told me that the proactive aspects of our software made it easier to meet their service level agreements and commitments to customers. In addition, he leverages other functionality to support the XenWinGo business model.

Proactive software functionality makes it easier to meet SLA’s

In a recent conversation, Mark explained that XenWinGo initially sought out Goliath back in 2010, because we were “the only true solution with preconfigured tools built to work with Citrix virtual desktops.  This means that we don’t have to write 150 to 200 lines of custom code, nor do we need consultants to configure the software to monitor our Citrix XenApp environments.”

Our development teams have spent countless man hours taking what we have learned about monitoring Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop environments and transforming this knowledge into software functionality designed to provide an out of the box solution for Citrix. Literally, hundreds of monitors are automatically deployed to key points of the infrastructure that must be monitored because they are known failure points. In addition, the technology includes a self-healing capability or remediation actions that are critical in managing a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) business.

For XenWinGo customers, Goliath’s solutions have completely eliminated many previous issues from the customer’s line of vision.  For example, prior to working with Goliath, Mark noted that if one of the print drivers failed, it may not have been noticed by his team until a customer called in to complain about the problem and then the troubleshooting  would begin.

Since employing Goliath’s Proactive Performance Monitoring solution, Mark’s team is proactively notified of impending problems like the print manager issues or other problems such as apps exceeding CPU through alerts that are triggered using thresholds.  This allows the XenWinGo IT staff time to troubleshoot the problem before it impacts the customer. This ultimately reduces support tickets.

Supporting the Service Provider Business Model

Goliath’s technologies have improved XenWinGo’s business economics as well.  With the help of Goliath’s out of the box audit reports, XenWinGo can more accurately report monthly usage to their vendors such as Microsoft, Intuit and Citrix. These reports give detailed information on which users access applications and for what period of time. These reports, and others, can be created as XenWinGo branded reports for distribution to customers.

According to Mark, Goliath has helped XenWinGo to be proactive rather than reactive in managing their business.  “Goliath’s solutions have materially improved both the experience for our customers as well as our operating procedures and at the end of the day, this contributes to a better bottom line for XenWinGo.”

Grow your Service Provider Business with Goliath Technologies

Service providers were some of our earliest customers, so our technology has deep support for the virtual infrastructure including, both server and desktop. We have also taken into consideration the unique business challenges facing service providers and included functionality to support their business model. Many of our customers are providers of DaaS, MaaS, IaaS, RIM, Hosted Applications and Hosted Workspaces.

Please take a moment to learn more about how you can grow your business through Goliath’s Service Provider program.