The Business Challenge: A customer was experiencing persistent Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop performance issues related to printing and the logon process. After trying to troubleshoot the issues on their own, the root cause could not be determined without the assistance of Goliath Technologies.

The Solution: To start, the client requested a Citrix troubleshooting engagement to investigate the root cause of persistent performance issues. Before seeing the observations and reports that Goliath was able to provide, it’s important to understand the customer’s infrastructure elements at the initial stage of the Citrix Troubleshooting Assessment. Goliath’s Citrix Monitoring solution was deployed to the following infrastructure elements:

After the implementation, out-of-the-box rules and dashboards were automatically applied to the inventory. A follow-on configuration effort was then initiated to deploy agents and build custom rules and reports to identify printing and profile issues; it was essential to deploy agents to the delivery infrastructure in order to achieve end-to-end visibility and determine the root cause. After collecting data for two weeks, the Goliath Support team came back with observations related to:

  • Printing Issues
  • Profile Problems
  • Other Citrix Troubleshooting findings

Using Out-of-the-Box Monitoring Rules, like the one pictured below, were useful to identifying and preventing these Printing Issues from occurring in the future. Having the ability to enter Notes into the specific rule allowed the Help Desk and other IT Administrators to collaborate on issues and troubleshoot issues more effectively and efficiently.

After identifying the specific Printing issues, Profile problems appeared to stem from underlying registry and security issues, outlined below:

Finally, as the Goliath Support team worked through the issues and problems related to Printing and Profiles, other Citrix Troubleshooting findings were documented.

The Summary: By completing the Citrix troubleshooting assessment and implementing the recommended fix actions provided by Goliath Performance Monitor and Goliath Application Availability Monitor, Citrix support tickets decreased by 25% within 30 days.

Goliath vs. Citrix Comparison