Enabling MaaS for Service Providers

Are you considering offering Monitoring as a Service?

The Business Challenge: Delivering customer satisfaction while driving profitable, recurring revenue streams.

The Solution: Goliath Performance Monitor’s (GPM) proactive, end-to-end monitoring features enable service providers to offer Monitoring as a Service. Service Provider Enablement Features include:

End-to-End Monitoring System

Monitor, analyze, and report on deep performance metrics from virtual servers, virtual desktop infrastructure, physical servers, workstations, storage, databases, applications, and network devices in your datacenter, on site, or hosted in the cloud.

Proactive End User Experience Monitoring and Management

Get ahead of end user experience issues by monitoring from the end users’ perspective, at the end point! Know in advance if end users are going to have an issue accessing their applications and receive preemptive alerts so you can resolve the issue before end users are impacted


GPM operates efficiently in a service provider environment so that individual or comprehensive views of all customers are monitored and are visible. Customizable group, security, and watch list settings allow multiple administrators to effectively manage the IT assets and applications in disparate client environments from one screen.

Auto-Discover Remote Assets and Auto-Deploy

Auto-discover the virtual servers, physical servers, virtual desktop infrastructure, workstations, and network deceives at a remote location for lightning fast onboarding of your customers. Once discovered, auto-deploy an agent for deeper application and OS monitoring. No additional hardware, complicated network setup or proxies required.

Customized Alerting – With No Alert Storms

You may only have minutes to respond to a critical issue that could impact a customer site, affecting your SLAs. A console full of useless alerts will only make troubleshooting more difficult. With GPM you can set your own alerting thresholds, specify alert schedules, alert frequency, max alert limit, or suppress monitoring during certain time periods.

Intelligent Agent – The Foundation of Remote Monitoring

Stringent SLAs require the deep application and operating system visibility you can only get from an agent. Our low-overhead, lightweight agent is 1MB in size, has a 0.1% CPU utilization, and takes less than 16MB of memory. With this you can also initiate automatic fix actions on the alerting remote server to remediate quickly.

Over 66 Out-of-the-Box Branded Reports

GPM also affords service providers the ability to tailor certain information to their business and customer environments. Use our out-of-the-box reports with your own branding and/or leverage GPM for customer usage and billing reports.

Automatic Remediation

GPM empowers service providers with the unique ability to automatically specify a response to an alert. Quickly respond to common tasks such as service restarts by executing a script/batch file or enabling any executable program to run. This automation allows you to remediate performance issues quickly before end users are impacted

Windows Event Log and Syslog Management for Compliance

GPM’s Windows Event Log and Syslog Management solution makes log data useful for daily security reporting, daily operations analysis, and compliance auditing. Event Log, Syslog, application logs, and machine data can be filters, analyzed, alerted on, reported on, and archived from a single dashboard.

Service-based Pricing

Goliath offers monthly service-based pricing to support the business model of service providers.

The Summary: Goliath Performance Monitor’s proactive, end-to-end monitoring features enable service providers to offer Monitoring as a Service; thus delivering consistent customer satisfaction and driving profitable, recurring revenue streams.

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