Both MonitorIT® and HyperThetical for NetScaler® from Goliath Technologies are now fully ready to support proactive IT management on the go.

Philadelphia, PA | Nov 11,2013

Goliath Technologies, the leading provider of proactive solutions to fully monitor, analyze, report and remediate performance issues in today’s complex hybrid technology environment, announced today that both MonitorIT® and HyperThetical for NetScaler® fully support all major mobile device technologies.

“Users, including those in IT, are demanding access to their applications from any device at any time,” said Raja Jadeja, Vice President of Technical Operations at Goliath Technologies. “As a company we have embraced this fact and delivered critical updates to our solutions which support consumption of both MonitorIT® and HyperThetical for NetScaler® on virtually any desktop or mobile device.”

Both MonitorIT® and HyperThetical for NetScaler® now take proactive management and analysis of hybrid IT systems and applications beyond the office by delivering a seamless user experience on all major smartphones and tablets including iPad®, iPhone®, Windows Phone® and all Android® powered devices. Users can now monitor, analyze, report and remediate system issues on the go. Additionally, both solutions now support a variety of mobile and desktop web browsers including Internet Explorer®, Chrome®, Firefox®, Safari® and Opera®. No matter your mobile platform of choice – you are no longer confined to a narrow set of requirements for making possible the proactive management and analysis of virtual, physical and cloud IT environments.

“Mobile access through a variety of channels is no longer a nice to have but a key feature point for organizations evaluating any type of software,” said Roger Jansson CEO of ARJ Distribution. “The seamless capabilities from desktop to mobile device in MonitorIT and HyperThetical for NetScaler truly deliver a market first in enabling proactive management of modern IT technologies on the go.”

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Goliath Technologies is all about being proactive. We deliver market-leading proactive systems management and issue remediation software for IT organizations running in today’s hybrid infrastructures. Specifically, Goliath’s solutions address the evolving challenges of managing physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures by allowing IT professionals to monitor, report, analyze and automate fixes for both applications as well as the entire supporting technology stack. Businesses today require solutions with deep functionality and capabilities that are scalable, cost effective and easy to use. Goliath’s solutions fill the gap left in the marketplace between simplistic, cost-effective point solutions and expensive, services-intensive enterprise solutions making deep, functionality rich solutions available to everyone – even those who thought they couldn’t afford it in the past. Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, with all development located in the United States, our software is used by customers worldwide including ADP, ING Direct, NASA, Thomson Reuters, Myspace, Cox Communications and Sunoco.

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