Philadelphia, PA- January 26, 2012

Need for Comprehensive Virtual Infrastructure Monitoring Drives Rapid Growth

Goliath Technologies, a leading provider of systems management software for hybrid physical and virtual IT environments announced today that the company experienced record growth in 2011. Overall revenues increased more than 100% on a year over year basis with new license revenue up over 300%. Many new customers were added including -Wells Fargo, Department of Veterans Affairs, Bechtel Corporation, and Fiserv to name a few.

“In late 2010 and early 2011 we released several critical enhancements to our product line that were designed specifically to meet the needs of administrators who manage virtual environments. The hypervisor API integration for XenServer and VMware, coupled with the plug-in to XenCenter and vCenter, added key functionality to our product. This allows us to have one of the only Comprehensive Virtual Infrastructure Monitoring solutions in the market today. Customers have embraced the notion that to effectively reduce the risk of downtime and user interruption one must monitor the virtual hosts, applications that reside on the guests and supporting physical infrastructure,” said Thomas Charlton, Chairman of Goliath Technologies.

At the end of the day whether it is physical servers or virtual servers, customers need to know that  applications are up and running. Many different products have gaps in functionality so it is difficult to see all the elements in the environment that impact application performance.  Products specifically designed for virtualization often have very narrow offerings, only monitoring virtual machines using hypervisor integration and therefore do not have the capability to deploy agents on guest machines to gather application performance data.  Many view this as a huge risk because a virtual machine may be performing well while the application itself is down.  MonitorIT is different because not only will it monitor the entire infrastructure, but it has the ability to do so from one central view and at a reasonable cost.

Floyd Roberts, the VP of Development and CTO of the MonitorIT product group, offered his take on the new technologies and growth. He stated, “The MonitorIT product is really one of the only complete monitoring solutions available today. My customers need a product that will give them visibility into every aspect of their infrastructure and most products are designed to monitor only one or two elements in the IT environment.  This creates silos of visibility, which leads to trouble if a problem occurs because it is difficult to determine causality and remediate quickly.” He continued, “If you look at products like Veeam or VKernel you will see they are designed to monitor only virtual environments and are limited to only metrics gathered from the hypervisor. Our customers know that the physical infrastructure must be monitored as well and they want to purchase one product to accomplish this task. MonitorIT gives them this capability.”


Goliath Technologies is focused on systems management software for IT organizations that address the evolving challenges of managing physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures. These hybrid environments require solutions that are scalable, cost effective and easy to use. Many legacy technologies are difficult to deploy and expensive to maintain and, as a result, are not well suited for this new paradigm. Inexpensive or free technologies, though easy to deploy and use, lack enterprise functionality and scalability. Both are slow to add features that are required to support physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures. At Goliath, we provide products that fill this gap with the right combination of scalability and functionality at a reasonable cost that embrace the complexities of virtualization and cloud computing. Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, our software is used by customers worldwide including ADP, ING Direct, Mindshift, Thomson Reuters and Shell. Global customers join our online user community to share information, solve technical challenges and contribute to our ongoing product development initiatives.