When Citrix Director Isn’t Meeting Your Needs

What to Do When Citrix Director Isn’t Meeting Your End User Experience Monitoring and Troubleshooting Needs

Struggling to find permanent resolutions to your end user performance issues that continue to pile up? Do you not have enough visibility into the root cause of these issues to prevent them in the future?

If you are like many of Goliath’s customers, you know Citrix Director isn’t giving you the full visibility you need to resolve your Citrix virtual workspace issues; but management doesn’t seem to understand why Citrix Director isn’t the be-all end-all answer. After all it is included – for free.

The challenge is Citrix Director isn’t purpose-built to be a robust end user performance and monitoring tool that will give you deep and broad metrics into the user experience. It only provides a surface check that the Citrix components are working well together. That is where the visibility ends. Citrix Director, for example, can’t see performance from the early stages of logon, app availability testing, backend systems (Active Directory, Profile Servers, Licensing Servers), virtual servers, user devices, printers, and storage. And if you’re running health EHR (Cerner, Epic, MEDITECH, Allscripts), you’re potentially missing even more vital data.

In addition, Citrix Director is focused on helping troubleshoot for that single end user complaining about slowness and often remediation is simply to reboot their session. While the end user might be satisfied in the near term; no permanent resolution has been issued. This is why in simple, smaller deployments Citrix Director may do the job just fine. But as Citrix farms grow in size and complexity, there is often a need for more.

360-degree Vision

Here are three reasons why you need purpose-built tools, like Goliath Technologies, to ensure you have complete visibility into your end user’s virtual workspace experience to not only effectively troubleshoot issues when they arise, but more importantly proactively prevent them from ever occurring.

      • Visibility requires a holistic overview of all IT elements that could potentially impact the end user experience. Organizations need the ability to automatically discover and intelligently map your entire Citrix farm, with all dependencies, highlighting performance bottlenecks. And have that map automatically update as your farm is updated, so you’ll never be blind to critical performance data.
      • You need deep and broad metrics that span across the entire end user experience. With blind spots, troubleshooting is like flinging darts in the dark. But Goliath is purpose-built to expose every key performance metric from the instant your end users logon: network performance, loading profiles, interacting with virtual servers, launching apps, and user behavior elements such as high CPU consumption due to background audio and video.
      • Anticipate and solve problems before end users logon. Login to Citrix and experience what your virtual users are experiencing: launch from their locations and within their firewalls, from logon, through session initiation, and app launches. Do this proactively from key locations before they start their working days and you can avoid tickets altogether. Finally, ensure you can schedule these logons based on your individual workplace preferences and ensure throughout the process you are collecting screenshots of the real end user experience. This saved one large health system downtime for over 25,000 of their users.

You can absolutely compensate for infrastructure, app, and user behavior blind spots, and preserve the value of your Citrix deployments. Register for a free trial with Goliath Technologies and see the difference today.