Goliath Now Supports 10,000+ NetScaler Transactions Per Second


Goliath for NetScaler now scales to support a packet throughput above 10,000 NetScaler transactions per second while providing visibility into each step of the end user’s journey from website request initiation through transaction execution.


Philadelphia, PA–February 3, 2016–Goliath for NetScaler is the first and only software purpose-built for Citrix NetScaler that can process at least 10,000+ NetScaler transactions per second, allowing enterprise IT to monitor and troubleshoot the entire end user transaction journey and remediate transaction slowness or failures to ensure and confirm the successful completion of web inquiries or transactions.

“In part we designed this technology to provide IT Performance and Business Analytics to all stakeholders involved in managing a successful eCommerce site,” said Thomas Charlton, CEO of Goliath Technologies. Charlton continued, “Customers who have invested in Citrix NetScalers now have access to powerful data which enables more informed IT and business unit decisions. At a price point of $3000 US per NetScaler pair and minutes to install, purchasing our add-on software becomes an obvious decision for organizations that want to maximize the value derived from their Platinum Edition NetScalers and troubleshoot NetScaler performance.”

To avoid losing business to competitors like Amazon due to end user transaction failures or slowness when engaging an eCommerce product page or shopping cart, the global retailer deployed Goliath for NetScaler in their production environment to offer Citrix NetScaler users real-time performance dashboards, NetScaler performance monitoring, unlimited time frame reports, and threshold-based alerts. Thus empowering IT administrators the ability to proactively troubleshoot issues and live-share performance data for rapid remediation actions.

By deploying Goliath’s technology, the IT team can monitor the performance of their 10 SDX NetScalers, gain full visibility into the entire transaction journey in a single view, from the end user request through to the backend application server, and get alerted to interruptions or latency that would cause an end user to abandon their transaction.

The retailer is able to use Goliath for NetScaler to get this data without changing a single application server component, deploying agents, or causing a negative impact on the actual server performance.

To help people like product category managers, the retailer’s IT operations team uses the unlimited timeframe reports in Goliath for NetScaler to see how many requests are being made to each of the retailer’s product categories (Virtual IP addresses), which show high latency or are generating error codes, which servers are generating errors such as timeouts, and how the traffic is distributed to the backend servers.

You can read an expanded version of this story to learn more. For IT Operations Teams interested in testing this technology, Goliath offers a fully supported 30-day free trial of Goliath for NetScaler.


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