Goliath Technologies Achieves Six Consecutive Years of Record Revenue and Growth

Goliath Technologies’ six years of record breaking revenue has been driven by successful market releases of new products that help IT Operations teams proactively monitor and manage end user experience for Citrix, VMware, NVIDIA GRID vGPU, and all major EHR applications.


Philadelphia, PA–February 16, 2016– Goliath Technologies’ record year was driven by new customers such as Walmart, Facebook, Office Depot, Whirlpool, and HCSC all who selected  Goliath Performance Monitor, Goliath IT Analytics for NetScaler, and Goliath Logon Simulator over competing products to proactively monitor and manage end user experience in hybrid virtual desktop, virtual server, and cloud environments.

On a year over year basis, new license sales increased over 90% and new enterprise customers were added at a rate of more than one per week as Goliath’s software is demanded by IT Operations teams across all verticals, but especially in growth markets such as healthcare, cloud providers, and managed service providers.

“Goliath has experienced the most significant new customer and revenue growth in our history by providing best-in-class IT operations software that enables Fortune 500s, SMBs, and Health Systems to proactively reduce troubleshooting and remediation time, improve the end user experience, and achieve business objectives such as lowering support tickets and preventing costly downtime,” said Thomas Charlton, Chairman and CEO of Goliath Technologies.

Another part of the record breaking growth story is the amount of industry wide recognition Goliath’s products received in 2015, like the new Goliath Performance Monitor 11.6 and Goliath Logon Simulator for Citrix.

“By using Goliath Performance Monitor and features like Goliath’s real time Logon Duration Report, we dropped the average XenDesktop 7.6 logon time to 20-40 seconds from 2-5 minutes, much to the delight of our end users,” said Kaleb Propst, IT Technician at RHC Holdings.

Goliath also deepened its foothold in Healthcare IT with the only purpose built performance monitoring and management modules for all major EMR/EHR applications. Functionality designed for healthcare led to acquiring new customers such as Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC)—the largest customer-owned health insurer in the United States—and Advocate Health Care and Centura Health, both of whom purchased Goliath’s MEDITECH performance monitoring module.

In 2015, Goliath IT Analytics for NetScaler also received industry-wide acclaim when a top 5 global retailer scaled the technology to support a packet throughput above 10,000 NetScaler transactions per second while providing visibility into each step of the end user’s journey from website request initiation through transaction execution.

Goliath IT Analytics for NetScaler achieved its strongest sales ever with new proactive features to help IT Operations teams troubleshoot issues, collaborate to deploy remediation actions, and to enhance their Citrix NetScalers with real-time performance dashboards and threshold-based alerts.

Goliath also began offering a solution for IT Operations teams struggling to manage the end user experience as they lose Citrix EdgeSight with their upgrade to XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 and need to find a viable EdgeSight replacement.

“Goliath Technologies is the only truly proactive end-to-end monitoring and management solution for Citrix. Goliath provides deep metrics and analysis necessary for organizations to get ahead of issues in the three key areas that often cause pain for end users: logon initiation, logon duration, and session performance,” said Chris Chrobocinski, VP of Managed Services, MTM Technologies.

In 2015, Goliath also delivered new technology to proactively resolve end user performance issues in a Citrix and NVIDIA GRID vGPU environment.

“If we can’t see what’s happening at any infrastructure level, we are in big trouble, because we would just be guessing at the root cause of a specific issue. To us, Goliath Technologies’ key value is pulling metrics for Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop, End User Experience, NVIDIA GRID vGPU and the supporting IT infrastructure into a single console, so we have broad and deep visibility to preempt potential issues, and if they do occur, troubleshoot quickly,” said Adam Martin, IT Director for American Structurepoint.

Additional highlights from 2015 include:

  • The launch of Goliath’s new Intelligent Agent features designed for Enterprise IT & Service Providers offering IaaS, MaaS, DaaS, and RIM.
  • New Logon Simulators for EMR/EHR applications like MEDITECH, Allscripts and Cerner

About Goliath Technologies

Goliath Technologies provides proactive IT operations software to address the challenges associated with managing a hybrid IT infrastructure. Organizations of all sizes are moving to the Cloud in some form and our products are purpose built to assist in that transition because IT can manage applications, infrastructure and users regardless of where they are located. Customers use our products to monitor, analyze, troubleshoot and report so performance issues can be resolved before end users are impacted. Because, IT infrastructure is moving. IT accountability is not. Customers include Walmart, Facebook, UHS, the VA, ADP, Verizon Wireless, and Office Depot.

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