Penn National Insurance Selects Goliath Technologies for Virtual Workspace Initiative

Goliath’s industry-only capabilities ensure success of the complex IT initiative which includes IGEL Endpoints, Cisco IP Communicator softphones, and Citrix XenDesktop to deliver seamless access for remote workers.

Philadelphia, PA – July 9, 2019 – Goliath Technologies today announced that Penn National Insurance has adopted its industry-only end-to-end troubleshooting capabilities to support its Virtual Workspace Initiative, arm IT with historical data and trends to proactively resolve issues, and enable a seamless experience across its growing remote employee base.

Founded in 1919, Penn National Insurance has been successful for over 100 years by adapting to new market challenges and changing times while staying true to their corporate values – delivering choice, value and service. The Virtual Workspace Initiative, to enhance employee satisfaction by allowing them to work remotely, is one of the most challenging of all IT projects. The Penn National Insurance IT team has to work with multiple technologies from IGEL, Microsoft, Cisco and Citrix and contend with each unique remote environment or location where employees are connecting.

Goliath Technologies is the industry leader in providing proactive monitoring and troubleshooting software for hybrid IT environments. Its embedded intelligence and automation gives the IT professionals, challenged with managing the end user experience of remote workers and distributed IT workloads, the ability to identify the root cause of end user experience issues. Because the Goliath software proactively interrogates the IT delivery infrastructure for events and conditions that can cause issues to occur, often performance degradation is identified and resolved before end users are impacted.

“At Penn National Insurance we help people feel secure and make life better when bad things happen and Goliath Technologies does just that for us,” said Mike Watts, VP of IT, Penn National Insurance. “There are many technical variables, constituents and vendors we have worked with to make the Virtual Workspace Initiative a success. We were impressed initially with the Goliath product because it correlates all desktop delivery infrastructure subsystems into a single view. However, as we used the technology, we realized the real value resides in the deep metrics that enable us to troubleshoot issues experienced by our remote users or avoid them altogether due to the proactive nature of the technology. Finally, the real-time metrics and historical analytics have given us the ability to have data-based conversations with end users while they are experiencing an issue and cross-departmental conversations and collaboration for continual improvement,” said Watts.

“The trend of the remote workforce continues to increase as does the importance of offering a seamless experience across all users for employee satisfaction, performance and productivity. We understand that whether the end user is using IGEL Endpoints with WIFI from a coffee shop or a Cisco softphone from home, IT organizations need to have automated real-time information to enable data-backed conversations and decisions so issues can be resolved quickly,” said Thomas Charlton, Chairman and CEO of Goliath Technologies. “Penn National Insurance is celebrating 100 years for a reason, they continue to evolve and adapt to new market and employment trends. We are honored they selected Goliath Technologies to support their Virtual Workspace Initiative and we are pleased they are deriving such value. They have a challenging set of ongoing tasks and we hope to be an integral part of the workflow designed to deliver a great end user experience,” said Charlton.

Read the full Penn National Insurance and Goliath Technologies success story.


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Founded in 1919, Penn National Insurance provides property and casualty insurance through a network of independent insurance agencies in 11 states: PA, MD, DE, NJ, VA, NC, SC, TN, AL, WI, IA. The company ranks among the top 10% of approximately 1,000 US-domiciled property-casualty insurers, with premium writings exceeding $775 million.

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