Coronavirus and the New IT Management Challenge

The first precaution to mitigate risks around the Coronavirus for many companies is to enact work from home policies. The surge in remote workers has IT teams scrambling to ensure their virtualized desktop and application infrastructure (Citrix or VMware Horizon) can support the increased usage, workloads, and expectations of seamless performance from workers who are not familiar with remote working.

IT Management and Professionals face the following increased demands to:

  • Support a surge of remote workers using Citrix or VMware Horizon View.
  • Respond to an increased amount of troubleshooting calls to resolve issues.
  • Prevent performance issues from occurring vs reacting to end-user feedback.
  • Document end-user experience metrics rather than relying on end-user feedback.
  • Log remote user work activity and productivity.

Goliath offers purpose-built software to monitor, troubleshoot, and prevent end-user performance issues in a highly distributed, remote workforce environment.

Special Offer

At Goliath, we recognize that Coronavirus is causing unbudgeted IT expenses and we are stepping up to offer special short-term subscription and support options to help IT management and professionals deal with the current crisis. We have helped organizations around the globe support their remote worker initiatives leveraging Citrix or VMware Horizon. Sign up for a consultation today, to learn how we can do the same for you.