Goliath Technologies Launches Performance Monitor for VMware Horizon


Philadelphia, PA – March 6, 2018 – Today Goliath Technologies announced the release of their new Goliath for VMware Horizon product suite. This innovative product provides a different approach to VMware Horizon monitoring that brings together VMware Horizon session data, end user experience, metrics from the underlying infrastructure, and proactive application availability monitoring into a single product and console. The result is a solution that delivers proactive anticipation, troubleshooting and prevention of end user experience issues.

Unlike other solutions, Goliath Performance Monitor for VMware Horizon offers IT organizations a single console which provides visibility from the end user experience issues to system and network performance issues. The system tracks critical metrics through integration with the Blast & PCoIP protocols, logon duration, Application, Machine, and Host Performance – all in one view. The advantage of having this information in a single console and platform is that metrics are fully aligned and integrated to show correlation and isolate how performance or resource availability impacts end user experience.

“VMware Horizon is a critical part of an organization’s delivery infrastructure,” explained Douglas A. Brown, Founder of DABCC. “Goliath Performance Monitor for VMware Horizon provides the information required to troubleshoot the many factors impacting session performance in one application. This integrated view of specific user sessions allows Level 1-3 support, engineers, and platform architects, to go to one screen to look up users or machines in real-time or historically to perform troubleshooting and analysis. The way metrics are displayed and integrated makes it much faster to pinpoint root cause, which means problems are found and fixed faster compared to other tools.”

Goliath Performance Monitor is purpose-built to find and monitor common VMware Horizon and Infrastructure failure points in the most complex VMware Horizon environments,” said Raja Jadeja, SVP of Product Management, Goliath Technologies. “Our solution provides a single view of the entire end user experience. This encompasses the performance of their connection to the Horizon session as well as their logon duration — including a breakdown of each stage and policy, application, and machine performance. Previously, administrators needed to open multiple consoles and disparate modules to visualize key performance metrics from VMware vSphere and multiple versions of VMware Horizon. Goliath Performance Monitor provides administrators with a single, unified console to monitor and troubleshoot performance issues from the entire environment. Moreover, by having visibility into the other architectural components integrated together, the troubleshooting workflow presents correlated data in a clearly defined view, aligned by time to more quickly derive root cause.”

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