Goliath Technologies Achieves Record Growth for Ninth Consecutive Year


 The continued move to the cloud and unique relationships with major EHR platforms fueled new customer acquisition and record growth.


Philadelphia, PA (January 29, 2019) —

Goliath Technologies announced today they have achieved record growth for a ninth consecutive year. This growth, driven by new customers such as Atlanticare, Children’s Hospital of Colorado, UC San Francisco Medical Center, as well as Reed Smith, Stevens Institute of Technology, Citibank, and Koch Logistics. These companies and many others selected Goliath Performance Monitor and Goliath Application Availability Monitor over competing products to proactively anticipate, troubleshoot and prevent end user experience issues in their cloud and hybrid cloud systems including Citrix, VMware, AWS and Azure.

“Most organizations adopt a hybrid strategy when moving to the cloud – meaning IT is responsible for applications, data and end user experience across multiple environments and platforms,” said Thomas Charlton, Chairman and CEO of Goliath. “Goliath delivers exceptional value in these complex, multi-cloud environments by proactively troubleshooting end user experience issues wherever the data, users, or infrastructure are located. The key to our value is a combination of embedded intelligence and automation combined with our proactive features designed for applications and delivery infrastructure that allows IT to resolve performance issues before they become end user experience problems.” noted Charlton.

The year was fueled by a surge in new healthcare customers leveraging Goliath’s unique purpose-built EHR modules. “We selected Goliath Technologies because their end user experience monitoring and troubleshooting supports EHR applications and identifies systems degrading before end user physicians are impacted,” said Mike Nelson, CIO, Universal Health Services. “Their early warning system coupled with enhanced performance data and analysis puts us in a better position to collaborate internally and externally to resolve issues,” stated Nelson.

“Our technology vision is simple, but achieving that vision presents a complex and engaging challenge,” said Donna Grare, CTO and Executive Vice President at Goliath Technologies. “We will continue to advance the predictive capabilities of our software to alert IT of 99% of the performance issues before users are impacted. We’re driving our product to be the ultimate solution with the embedded intelligence & automation to predict, identify root cause, and remediate issues preemptively, making end user complaints and dissatisfaction obsolete.”

About Goliath Technologies 
Goliath Technologies transforms IT professionals into IT heroes by helping them proactively resolve issues before end users are impacted. Our IT operations software manages and supports complex hybrid IT environments regardless of where the infrastructure, applications or end users are located. Customers include American Airlines, Office Depot, Tech Mahindra, Universal Health Services, Pacific Life, HCL and others. Learn more about how we empower proactive IT Heroes at goliathtechnologies.com


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