IT Troubleshooting & Performance Monitoring Technical Guides

Here, you will find a number of technical guides to help you improve the end user experience by proactively troubleshooting, identifying the root cause and remediating Citrix and VMware performance issues.  

Goliath Tech Guide Mockup Edgesight

The Technical Guide to Migrating from Citrix 6.5 to 7.X


This free downloadable guide, written by two Citrix Virtualization Experts on the Goliath Support team, will be focused on the key considerations and action steps required to migrate from Citrix 6.5 to 7.x.

Goliath Tech Guide Mockup Citrix

A Complete Technical Guide to Understanding and Troubleshooting Citrix ICA/HDX


Introducing the new Citrix ICA/HDX technical guide, which provides a comprehensive understanding of ICA/HDX, the components that it’s built on, how it works, how it can be impacted by network conditions, and how to troubleshoot it. Armed with this information, we hope that you will be better equipped to troubleshoot and resolve what we have come to know as the ubiquitous “Citrix is slow” complaint from end users.

Goliath Tech Guide mockup Logon Process

Complete Guide to Understanding the Citrix Logon Process


In this free guide to solving Citrix logon issues, a Citrix Engineer breaks down each step of the complex Citrix logon process. The guide explains all 33 stages of the Citrix logon sequence and the role each stage plays in delivering a successful logon. You will also learn the challenges inherent in isolating the specific stage/stages causing slow or failed Citrix logons so you can improve end user experience.