Resolve and Prevent MEDITECH End User Experience Issues

Need to troubleshoot & find root cause of MEDITECH and Citrix performance issues to improve end user experience from logon initiation to session launch? The Goliath Performance Monitor for MEDITECH allows you to proactively troubleshoot and fix the root cause of performance issues between MEDITECH and Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop before physicians & healthcare workers are affected.

Video: How Goliath Helped Augusta Health Solve MEDITECH Logon and Session Performance Issues by Having Visibility into the Entire Environment



Goliath Performance Monitor for MEDITECH Supports Applications like Magic, Client Server & MEDITECH 6.x Versions

The Goliath Performance Monitoring Module for MEDITECH is built with input from Healthcare IT teams who deployed Magic, Client Server and MEDITECH 6.x in their Citrix environment in order to proactively troubleshoot and fix end user experience issues that affect physicians and healthcare workers.

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Product Screenshots of Goliath Performance Monitor for MEDITECH

Goliath’s Performance Monitor for MEDITECH is Healthcare ITs only software that correlates end user experience metrics, MEDITECH and Citrix performance data to give you a single view into the root cause of MEDITECH performance issues.


“Reduced Printer Failures by 90% with Goliath Performance Monitor for MEDITECH”

“Troubleshooting MEDITECH and XenApp 6.5 was challenging before we had Goliath. Now we can identify the ‘who, what and where’ of performance issues. We use the data in the product to open up support tasks with MEDITECH and they in turn work with support staff to determine root cause. By using Goliath, we reduced printer failures from 100 per day to under 10 in our Citrix-MEDITECH environment.” Derek Seiber, Sysadmin at Memorial Health System

You can read Memorial Health System’s full use case: How a Healthcare IT Team Reduced Printer Failures by 90% in their Citrix-MEDITECH Environment

Have Questions or Need Help with MEDITECH & Citrix Performance Issues?

Goliath’s Tech Team is here to answer your questions and help you work through troubleshooting & resolving MEDITECH and Citrix performance issues. Please reach out today!



Goliath’s Application Module provides out-of-the-box support for MEDITECH through purpose-built monitoring rules, alerts, dashboards, and reports. Users can trend performance and ensure the availability of key role servers in the MEDITECH infrastructure including background job clients, data repository machines, connection machines, transaction servers, and clients. Goliath also provides the ability to both ensure the uptime and remediate any service failures of the ANP Server, MSO, Event Scheduler, MAST, Document Manager, CSFilerserver, Task, and ISB services, so end users can always execute the necessary transactions.The MEDITECH Application Module enables three tiers of visibility and brings together data from MEDITECH, End Users, and the Infrastructure. The Reports are generated that can be shared in a MEDITECH support task.Organizations rely on our Healthcare IT Performance Monitoring Module to:

  • Proactively determine the root cause of MEDITECH performance and availability issues
  • Get ahead of end user complaints
  • End the finger pointing between MEDITECH, Citrix, and the Infrastructure teams
  • Share performance data and facts with MEDITECH to help speed resolution
  • Get a single console to view MEDITECH, End Users, and the Delivery Infrastructure
  • Consolidate monitoring tools and simplify IT Operations


  • Performance Dashboards:
    • Track EHR/EMR Key Performance Metrics
    • Correlate in Underlying Infrastructure – OS & Hypervisor Performance
    • File Server I/O
    • Client and Server Performance
    • ANP Server, Transaction, Resynchronization, and Thread Pool Performance
  • Reports
    • EHR/EMR Faults and Errors
    • Related Infrastructure Fault Analysis
  • End User Experience Management:
    • Logon Duration Reports with Drilldown Analysis
    • End User Experience Real-Time Dashboards & Historical Reports
    • End User Connection Report
  • Remediation Actions for:
    • Applications
    • Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop
    • Windows, Linux, Unix
    • Virtual Machines
  • Preconfigured Monitoring Rules and Alerts for:
    • ANP Server Service
    • MSO
    • Event Scheduler
    • MAST
    • Document Manager
    • CSFilerservice
    • Task Service
    • ISB-Txn
  • Alert Resolution Feature

Use Cases

Proactively Anticipate & Troubleshoot by Closing Gaps in Visibility

  • MEDITECH Support: Furnish with information to resolve MEDITECH application issues
  • Hosted Solutions: On Premise IT infrastructure and End User Experience:
    • Park Place
    • Dell MSite
  • Remote Managed Services: Manage On Premise IT and MEDITECH Performance
  • Internal IT: One console for MEDITECH, End User Experience and Delivery Infrastructure


Goliath MEDITECH Module Diagram - Goliath Performance Monitor for MEDITECH


  • Hosted Solutions: On Premise IT infrastructure and End User Experience:
    • Park Place
    • Dell MSite
  • Remote Managed Services: Manage On Premise IT and MEDITECH Performance
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