Be Proactive: Start Monitoring Citrix End User Experience in POC, Pilot, & Upgrade Phases

Get ahead of end user issues early whether it is a POC, Pilot or Upgrade

To truly be proactive and get ahead of end user experience issues, Sales Engineers, Consultants, Support, and Customer Administrators use Goliath’s Citrix Ready and VMware Ready software during the POC, Pilot, or Upgrade phase.


The benefit of proactively deploying Goliath’s performance monitoring and logon simulation technology at the start of a project extends beyond improving end user experience – it allows you to accelerate VDI deployments and adoption by anticipating, troubleshooting, resolving, and preventing performance issues from day one of a POC, Pilot, or Upgrade.

Even Citrix recommends it

In this recent post on the Citrix blog, their team recommends using Goliath’s Performance Monitor and Logon Simulator during the POC or Pilot phase of a VDI rollout.

To get a fully supported 30-day free trial or demo of the Goliath Performance Monitor, fill out the form. If you have questions, a member of our Tech Team is glad to assist you. You can reach Goliath’s Tech Team at: or 1–855–465–4284

Using a monitor tool during POC or Pilot will allow deep insight into an otherwise complex and overwhelming environment.

Jacob Rutski Citrix Engineer, Kaye Scholer LLP“By setting up the GPM at the beginning of the VDI [POC or pilot] you will have historical data to help determine if the sizing and design of the infrastructure is up to par and allow you to troubleshoot any “growing pains” during the project ramp up that would otherwise lead to delays.”

Jacob Rutski, Citrix Engineer
Kaye Scholer LLP