Seeking an alternative to the deprecated Citrix SCOM Management Packs?

Get intelligent automation, better metrics, and historical reports with Goliath.

Citrix has announced the deprecation of their SCOM Management Packs for XenApp and XenDesktop, Provisioning Services, and StoreFront (formerly Comtrade) with a fast approaching EOL date of June 2020.

At Goliath we use embedded intelligence and automation so any IT Professional can anticipate, troubleshoot, and prevent end-user experience issues regardless of where IT workloads or users are located. Our technology is designed to proactively alert you to end-user experience issues before they happen and if they do, give you the data to troubleshoot it quickly.

Fill out the form and we can discuss the special pricing program we are running through March 31, 2020 to all SCOM Management Pack customers.  


Here are Goliath’s capabilities that Citrix SCOM Management Packs haven’t been giving you:

      • Real-time screenshots and metrics of the logon process collected through automated end-user logons across key locations,
      • Automatic creation of a dependency map for your entire Citrix infrastructure,
      • Deep and broad metrics across entire IT delivery infrastructure (Citrix, VMware Horizon) and end-user behavior, and
      • Historical reports and analytics to perform sophisticated trending and analysis around end-user experiences.
      • Purpose-built modules for Health IT to proactively troubleshoot and fix end-user performance issues across all major EHR applications (Allscripts, Cerner, Epic and MEDITECH).

See below for more details.

Real-time screenshots and metrics of the logon process that provide real-time alerts to any issue that can negatively impact the logon process for end users.

The Goliath Citrix Discovery and Dependency Map automatically creates a dependency map of your entire Citrix infrastructure providing a true end-to-end view of the health of your Citrix infrastructure.

Deep and broad metrics for end-user experience drill down with Goliath tracking over 250 events, conditions, and potential failure points that can impact the end-user experience.

Historical reports and analytics are used to foster data-driven conversations with internal IT teams, other vendors, and end users. Below is an example historical report showing logon duration by session that can be filtered by date, server, or application.  

With Goliath’s purpose-built healthcare modules (Allscripts, Cerner, Epic or MEDITECH), health systems can quickly prove or disqualify if the root cause of an end-user performance issue is with the EHR system, Citrix, or other IT elements in the delivery infrastructure or clinician behavior.