Proactive Citrix Logon Duration Monitoring & Troubleshooting 2018-10-12T13:06:36+00:00

Troubleshoot Slow Citrix Logon Process

If you can’t drill down into all 33 stages of the Citrix logon process, then you can’t isolate & fix root cause of logon slowness. With the Citrix Logon Duration monitoring & troubleshooting functionality of Goliath Performance Monitor, you can now capture real-time Logon Duration times and get alerted to end user logon slowness on any of the 33 Logon Duration Stages, like:

  • Session Brokering

  • XML Brokering

  • Authentication

  • Session Creation

  • Group Policy

  • Script Execution

  • Profile Load

  • Desktop Load

Proactively Find & Fix Root Cause of Slow Citrix Logons in Real-time

The guide goes beyond just explaining the Citrix logon process–you will see real use cases from the author’s past experiences troubleshooting and resolving Citrix log/resources/ebooks/citrix-logon-duration-guide-troubleshoot-fix-logon-issues/on duration issues. The troubleshooting use cases and instruction incorporate both local and remote users from Fortune 500 companies to SMBs.