How To Troubleshoot Slow Citrix Logon Issues

If you can’t drill down into all 33 stages of the Citrix logon process, then you can’t isolate & fix root cause of logon slowness. With the Citrix Logon Duration monitoring & troubleshooting functionality of Goliath Performance Monitor, …you can now capture real-time Logon Duration times and get alerted to end user logon slowness on any of the 33 Logon Duration Stages, including:

Session Brokering

XML Brokering


Session Creation

Group Policy

Script Execution

Profile Load

Desktop Load

* Click above for a screenshot tour of Goliath’ Performance Monitor’s Logon Duration feature

Proactively Find & Fix Root Cause of Slow Citrix Logons in Real-time

The guide linked below goes beyond just explaining the Citrix logon process–you will see real use cases from the author’s past experiences troubleshooting and resolving Citrix logon duration issues. The troubleshooting use cases and instruction incorporate both local and remote users from Fortune 500 companies to SMBs.

A complete guide to understanding the citrix logon process