AWS Monitoring & Troubleshooting

AWS Monitoring solution is purpose-built for IT organizations that have workloads in Amazon Web Services (AWS) or are moving them into Amazon EC2. Organizations leverage our end user experience monitoring and troubleshooting software for their desktop virtualization environments (Citrix or VMware Horizon) regardless if deployed on-premises or in the cloud, like Amazon EC2.

With Goliath’s embedded intelligence and automation, the software dynamically discovers the complete delivery infrastructure, including Amazon EC2, and identifies what to monitor, the thresholds to set, and then alerts when thresholds are exceeded. This is for all potential events, conditions, and failure points could negatively impact end user performance.

Goliath’s AWS Monitoring solution helps organizations:

  1. Anticipate performance issues to avoid impacting users.
  2. Troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly when they do occur.
  3. Document fix actions and foster collaboration with vendors, IT counterparts, management, and end users to prevent future issues.

IT Infrastructure is Moving. IT Accountability is Not.

Organizations use Goliath’s AWS Monitoring to:

  • Test availability of Citrix or VMware Horizon deployed in Amazon EC2 and/or on-premises.
  • Alert on end user performance issues and resource utilization metrics such as memory, disk space, and CPU usage.
  • Isolate root case of end user experience issues with end-to-end visibility across all IT elements regardless if in Amazon EC2 or on-premises.
  • Report on key end user experience and productivity metrics along with key infrastructure performance indicators across the IT delivery infrastructure (Citrix, VMware, EC2, and more).
Refer to the product screenshots below to get a visual understanding of our AWS Monitoring & Troubleshooting capabilities: