Troubleshoot & Monitor Chromebook End User Experience Issues

“When end users complain about performance on Google Chromebook, Goliath’s software helps our IT team to stop finger pointing at the Chromebook and instead re-directs and documents true root cause as user behavior, internet connection, or an issue with the underlying architecture.”

Scott Urofsky

CTO, Systems Solutions, INC (SSI)

Troubleshoot Chromebook is Slow Complaints with Goliath

Goliath Technologies offers purpose-built software, with embedded intelligence and automation, to help IT Pros monitor Chromebooks and troubleshoot end-user experience issues. By using Goliath to monitor Chromebooks, IT Pros have eliminated finger-pointing, reduced ticket resolution time, and avoided end-user issues. Read more in this Client Success Story by Citrix Platinum Service Provider, Systems Solution, Inc on how they troubleshoot Chromebooks performance issues with Goliath.

Goliath offers IT Pros a single pane of glass to see all IT elements that could potentially impact end-user experience, from the Google Chromebook to the user’s WIFI connection,  Citrix and/or Horizon, and all supporting infrastructure components. By viewing correlated metrics, IT Pros can troubleshoot Chromebook issues and provide documented evidence on root cause quickly (see Image 1).

Image 1: This screenshot from Goliath proves a user’s slowness is not due to the Chromebook or infrastructure, but instead home ISP. The data shows that both ICA & Network Latency are high while connection speed is low, which proves home WIFI is causing slowness.


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