Monitor All of Your Applications, Database, Storage, Network, Windows, and Linux/Unix from One Console

Goliath IT Physical Infrastructure Performance Monitoring is unique because of our ability to monitor not just your physical infrastructure, but also your virtual element. Our clients have to contend with physical and virtual infrastructure as well as cloud migration. This shouldn’t require multiple products. Simplify with Goliath.
With Goliath you can consolidate your IT monitoring tools and monitor your entire Virtual and Physical Infrastructure from a single console by seamlessly integrating metrics from your entire infrastructure. From that one location, you can correlate the performance of multiple IT elements including physical servers, virtual servers, network elements, applications, and virtual desktops either on premise or in the cloud. Our reports and dashboards work across multiple platforms for your entire infrastructure and we have application modules that can help you monitor specific applications.
Introduction to Proactive IT Physical Infrastructure Performance Monitoring Video