VMware Monitoring for Application and Desktop Availability – Get Early Warnings of End User Experience Issues

The Goliath Application Availability Monitor for VMware Horizon is an early warning system for IT administrators using VMware Horizon that have issues related to VMware end user experience. What’s more: unlike other VMware monitoring, the Goliath Application Availability Monitor (GAAM) is the industry’s first technology that will give you visibility into the initial stages of the end user experience and provide an automated early warning if an end user experiences issues when they attempt to access their application using VMware Horizon.

Not to be confused with a “logon script” or “logon simulation” tool, our Application Availability Monitor for VMware Horizon attempts to logon exactly as your end users would –click-by-click — to exercise all stages of VMware application or desktop delivery in concert. We provide the only VMware solution giving authentically verifiable accounts of logon success or failure.



Slideshow: A Walkthrough of the Goliath Application Availability Monitor for VMware Horizon 


How the VMware Horizon Application Availability Monitor Works

Our Application Availability Monitor for VMware Horizon can alert and help you pinpoint root cause of VMware applications and desktop delivery failure (or VMware poor performance – i.e. slowness – at logon).

We offer proactive VMware performance monitoring with regards to logins, no matter the location of the applications themselves or the users (as explained in our functionality walkthrough). We can do the same with desktops, making it a ubiquitous application launch performance monitoring tool that’s completely unique in the VMware performance monitoring space.

Across all applications or desktops being launched, we provide with real-time reports and drilldown analytics detailing root cause if users do run into experience issues. This makes VMware troubleshooting for login issues a lot easier. Moreover, we detect this before users realize there’s an issue. In each case, we provide visual proof of the success or failure of each stage of the logon process.

With our built-in alerting, IT administrators get real-time alerts via our VMware performance monitoring software the moment a problem occurs, triggered by the Goliath system user’s scheduled attempt. This can – and has – given our customers a sufficient amount of time to get ahead of users, accompanied by the right, correlated metrics to diagnose root cause and practice towards future prevention.

If a failure does occur with VMware Horizon application or desktop delivery, our ability to monitor, report, and alert in detail on the following common issue root cause areas provides a complete look at your virtual infrastructure for troubleshooting VMware Horizon:

    • Connectivity (i.e. network speeds, latency)
    • Application/desktop availability
    • Configuration or availability problems with the delivery infrastructure, including: Citrix NetScaler, web interface/storefront, delivery controllers, active directory, licensing servers, SQL databases, and much more
    • Licensing issues
    • Client-side errors (i.e. a message box error presented at the endpoint level, captured by our screenshotting technology)



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