Protocol Driver Error/Error 1046: How to Troubleshoot & Fix

protocoldeProtocol Driver Error/Error 1046 is an issue related to the client (Receiver) not being able to create a connection to the server after an application is launched. Messages such as “Your version of Citrix Receiver does not support selected encryption” are generated when this issue occurs.

There are various reasons that Protocol Driver Error/Error 1046 could be generated, ranging from the client through to the Citrix hosting infrastructure.

Goliath’s Protocol Driver Error/Error 1046 Troubleshooting Tool

Goliath’s troubleshooting and resolution software automatically looks for 100’s of common Citrix errors and failure points upon deployment. Embedded intelligence within the software provides alerts, reports, and self-healing capabilities for you to troubleshoot end user common issues.

  • Goliath’s software helps to identify the root cause and resolve Protocol Driver Error/Error 1046 issues by identifying events related to errors generated in the event logs. The complete end-to-end visibility of Goliath’s platform allows you to be alerted to this issue regardless if the issue is client, network or server related. The deep and wide visibility provided by the technology greatly reduces time to resolution.

Speak to a Citrix Troubleshooting Expert to Help Resolve Protocol Driver Error/Error 1046 Issues

You can speak with one of Goliath’s Citrix Experts today about resolving Citrix end user experience issues related to Protocol Driver Error/Error 1046. Please reach out today: