Citrix SPLWOW64.exe Issues: How to Troubleshoot & Fix

SPLWOW64.exe is a Windows process that runs when using 32-bit printer drivers on 64 bit Windows operating systems. This process executes when print jobs are sent, and at times does not properly shut down following the completion of the job.

When the SPLWOW64.exe process does not properly terminate, a memory leak condition occurs. This leak severely impacts performance and availability of the impacted server or desktop resource(s).

Goliath’s Citrix SPLWOW64.exe Troubleshooting Tool

Goliath’s troubleshooting and resolution software automatically looks for 100’s of common Citrix errors and failure points upon deployment. Embedded intelligence within the software provides alerts, reports, and self-healing capabilities for you to troubleshoot end user common issues.

  • Out-of-the-box Goliath software will monitor the SPLWOW64.exe process, and if memory consumption hits a high threshold, it will generate alerts. Self-healing may also be configured allowing Goliath software to automatically kill the process should a memory leak condition occur, before users are impacted.
  • Goliath’s software may be configured to automatically remediate load related conditions by taking servers offline and/or restarting problematic processes when a load condition occurs.

Speak to a Citrix Troubleshooting Expert to Help Resolve SPLWOW64.exe

You can speak with one of Goliath’s Citrix Experts today about resolving Citrix end user experience issues related to SPLWOW64.exe. Please reach out today: