How to Troubleshoot End-User Experience Issues When Your Windows 10 Upgrade Starts to Stall

Are end-user complaints around slow logon times or poor session performance within Citrix or VMware Horizon putting your Windows 10 migration project at risk? Are you struggling to get all the metrics you need to quickly troubleshoot end-user issues within a single console?

Solve your migration pains by investing in monitoring and troubleshooting software with embedded intelligence and automation that is purpose-built to help you proactively anticipate, troubleshoot, and prevent end-user experience issues regardless of where your infrastructure, workloads or users are located. With deep, broad, and highly collated metrics to troubleshoot, you will resolve end-user issues quickly and reduce the risk of end-user feedback delaying your Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrade.

With Goliath Technologies, you can ensure a seamless migration and a positive end-user experience by:

  1. Baselining your Citrix or VMware Horizon end-user experience prior to upgrade to obtain a comparison point for future improvements and provide context for capacity planning.
  2. Obtaining deep and broad metrics to quickly troubleshoot complex performance issues during the upgrade to avoid end-user performance issues or complaints stalling your project.
  3. Leveraging historical reports to track trends of the end-user experience post upgrade to show improvements post upgrade and address any anomalies.
  4. Operationalizing support of your new environment with a proactive warning system that offers threshold-based alerts, trending historical reports, integrated ticketing system, and self-healing capabilities.

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