Troubleshooting Logon Duration Issues and Isolating Root Cause

Struggling to troubleshoot Citrix or VMware logon issues? In this troubleshooting demo, you’ll learn how you can isolate and resolve root cause of logon failures or slowness for Citrix/VMware Horizon. 

Logon slowness can be caused by issues with the delivery controller, authentication, specific group policies, logon scripts, registry extensions, printer mapping, and many other areas. While logon slowness has typically been difficult to isolate, in this video you’ll see how new technology allows you to get to the root cause – in just a few clicks. 

“I use Goliath daily to quickly troubleshoot and resolve end user complaints around slow logons and poor performance with clinical applications delivered via Citrix. What had previously taken me hours to hunt down root cause, now takes me minutes with Goliath.”

Greg Beck, System Administrator at CGH Medical Center

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