Troubleshooting with Yemi

Majority of End-User Experience Performance Issues Occur During the Citrix Logon Process

Did you know that the majority of end-user experience performance issues can be attributed to performance issues that occur during logon? Did you know that if you are a Citrix user, there are actually 33+ stages of the logon process?

Join us for a 15-minute session that will enable you to quickly identify root cause of any logon slowness issue by leveraging granular metrics at each detailed stage.

Don’t let a negative logon experience ruin the overall digital workspace experience for your workforce.

Yemi Lediju, CCA-V
Presales Engineer
Yemi has been a part of several technology projects/ initiatives including IoT, SaaS, virtualization and more. He has experience delivering applications via AWS on top of his thousands of customer interactions. Yemi provides comprehensive knowledge in Hardware/Software engineering, APIs, SAAS, Virtualization, and other technologies. He is passionate about translating real work customer requirements into development objectives.