Complete Guide to Understanding Windows OS Tablet Performance & Improving the End User Experience

A Guide for Proactively Troubleshooting & Resolving Windows OS Tablet Performance Issues

This free troubleshooting guide for Windows OS tablets shows you how to use performance metrics and infrastructure conditions to isolate the cause of end user issues.

The guide shows you how to leverage the following performance data like:

Device Performance App Performance Wireless Connectivity Battery & Power
  • Total CPU Usage
  • CPU Queue Length
  • Total Memory Usage
  • Memory Paging
  • Disk Utilization
  • Disk Queue Length
  • Disk Latency
  • Process CPU Usage
  • Process Memory Usage
  • Applications Crashes
  • Application Hangs
  • Packet Drops
  • Packet Loss
  • Retransmits
  • Bandwidth Usage
  • Data Transfer Rate
  • Link Speed
  • Remaining Capacity
  • Battery Drain
  • Tablet Shutdown
  • Restart
  • Hibernate
  • Screen Lock Behavior


You will see how to generate historical reports on these metrics for analysis and management/executive reporting.

The screenshots will show you how proactive management of Windows tablets works to troubleshoot network issues, application problems, battery sustainability and other issues that can slow end user adoption or reduce satisfaction.

 “Goliath has solved the problem

doug-brown-dabcc-goliath-technologies-windows-os-tablet-guide“As business users become more mobile the requirement for IT to understand application related problems and resulting user experience becomes more critical. Over the past year Microsoft Surface devices grew by 117%. Today, IT has a view of on-presence desktops, laptops and even remote access solutions such as Citrix XenApp and VDI but very little to no understanding of their remote Windows tablets. With Goliath for Windows OS Tablets this problem is solved giving IT the metrics and insights to solve problems before they happen thus leaving the users more productive and happier!” Douglas A. Brown, MVP, CTP, & vExpert

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