Goliath Announces the Creation of The WATCH EXCHANGE

Goliath Technologies, a leading provider of systems management software for hybrid physical, virtual and cloud environments, announced today the creation of the “WATCH EXCHANGE” an automated platform for their customers to exchange monitoring watches they have created to facilitate monitoring the overall performance of their infrastructures. A watch is essentially a development script that one uses to monitor or “watch” a particular aspect of their IT infrastructure such as virtual servers, desktops, network devices, storage or applications. Watches enable you to choose monitoring rules by specifying key thresholds to be monitored, alerting specifics and remediation actions to be taken.

“I have always focused on ease of use especially related to configuration, in the Monitor IT product line, said Floyd Roberts, CTO & VP Development of MonitorIT Products. The product has always come with free pre-configured watches that make the technology easy to deploy quickly so that a System Administrator can, within minutes, be monitoring critical aspects of their infrastructure. Over the years I have created customized watches for customers and then included them in the product free of additional charge resulting in 100’s of pre-configured watches being included in the product. The Watch Exchange is exciting because, instead of my “one-off” efforts for a particular customer, others can participate in creating and sharing custom watches that I will then include in the product. This should extend the value of Monitor IT for all customers”.

The concept of a Watch Exchange came from talking with our customers. In the course of deploying Monitor IT they would use as many pre-configured watches as they could and then create their own custom watches to monitor other aspects of their environment. Customers would create these custom watches on their own or seek assistance from Floyd and his team, said Thomas Charlton, Chairman of Goliath Technologies. Customers simply asked if there was a way for all users to share their monitoring watches created during this natural process of deployment. We responded by creating the Exchange as part of our overall user community forum.

The watch exchange is a great concept said, Tom Peck, Chief Architect, AppEngines . “Let’s say I use Monitor IT to monitor my VMware deployment and I now want to monitor some of the network devices within my environment as well. I can choose from pre-configured watches or if there isn’t a watch in the product for a particular network device I can go to the forum to find one. Certainly, I can add some of my own custom watches I created for monitoring my virtual machines as well.”


Goliath Technologies is focused on systems management software for IT organizations that address the evolving challenges of managing physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures. These hybrid environments require solutions that are scalable, cost effective and easy to use. Many legacy technologies are difficult to deploy and expensive to maintain and, as a result, are not well suited for this new paradigm. Inexpensive or free technologies, though easy to deploy and use, lack enterprise functionality and scalability. Both are slow to add features that are required to support physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures. At Goliath, we provide products that fill this gap with the right combination of scalability and functionality at a reasonable cost that embrace the complexities of virtualization and cloud computing. Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, our software is used by customers worldwide including ADP, ING Direct, Mindshift, Thomson Reuters and Shell. Global customers join our online user community to share information, solve technical challenges and contribute to our ongoing product development initiatives.