“I use Goliath daily to quickly troubleshoot and resolve end user complaints around slow logons and poor performance with Cerner applications delivered via Citrix. What had previously taken me hours to hunt down root cause, now takes me minutes with Goliath.”
– Greg Beck, System Administrator at CGH Medical Center

Infrastructure: Cerner Millennium, Citrix Virtual Apps (XenApp), VMware vSphere

The Challenge: Troubleshooting Citrix and Cerner Performance Issues Consumes Hours of IT Time

CGH Medical Center is a progressive acute care facility located in Northern Illinois leveraging Citrix to deliver their clinical applications including Cerner Millennium. Greg Beck, System Administrator, routinely fields end user complaints around “Citrix is slow,” “my system keeps disconnecting,” or worse yet “I can’t login.” He shared, “End users have sporadic slow logons or performance issues that can consume hours of hunting down answers as the system works 90% of the time as expected. Our clinicians are often moving floor to floor and using different machines, so hunting down root cause of a sporadic issue can be challenging when you don’t have visibility into their exact behavior when they experienced an issue.”

As Beck and team prepared to upgrade Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7.15, they knew they needed a purpose-built tool that would help them monitor and troubleshoot end user experience issues. Part of the expectation with the Citrix upgrade was that performance and logon times would be faster. They needed a solution that would enable them to hit these targets and provide visibility into root cause when problems did occur and then document proof that permanent fixes had been put in place.

Solution: End-to-End Visibility Isolates Root Cause of End User Performance Issues

Goliath Technologies was selected by CGH Medical Center to provide end-to-end visibility from endpoint logon, through the Citrix infrastructure, to the Cerner Millennium environment. Its deep and broad metrics offer visibility into both the infrastructure and end user behavior, empowering the team to quickly troubleshoot performance issues and reduce remediation times.