Goliath Technologies Announces KLAS Arch Collaborative Membership

Improving Client Satisfaction through Improved EHR Reliability and Performance 


Philadelphia, PA – September 6, 2022Goliath Technologies, the Health IT Standard with respect to improving end user client satisfaction with EHR applications, announced its membership in theArch Collaborative, a KLAS Research initiative. The Arch Collaborative aims to improve the Electronic Health Record (EHR) experience through shared performance data and collaboration among providers, vendors, and industry leaders. 

Goliath Technologies understands the unique challenges faced by today’s healthcare IT departments (HIT). Compared to their enterprise counterparts HIT have half the IT budgets and personnel to support the same number of users; while at the same time patient care is at risk. Health systems will attest that their technology is like adding a team of full-time troubleshooting experts to their staff and Goliath has been proven to improve clinician satisfaction by proactively addressing issues around the availability, performance, and reliability of EHR & business applications. 

 “Goliath Technologies’ end user experience monitoring gives us complete visibility into the end user experience from the time they logon to Cerner through their use of the application, in real-time, so we stay ahead of performance issues,” said Chris Timbers, CIO at NorthBay Healthcare. 

“The Arch Collaborative membership grants Goliath access to benchmark data and unbiased, thorough research from provider organizations and end users. It further enhances Goliath’s ability to develop more effective proactive EHR end user experience monitoring and troubleshooting solutions designed to enable HIT to solve availability, performance and reliability issues before clinicians and healthcare workers are impacted,” said Thomas Charlton, Chairman and CEO of Goliath Technologies. 

“Our recent research shows that nearly half of clinicians do not agree that their EHR is fast enough. None of the participating organizations in the Collaborative have over 90% of respondents who agree that their EHR has the response time they expect. To help Collaborative members with this issue, KLAS is planning additional research around infrastructure and the impact on clinician satisfaction. As part of this effort, we recently welcomed Goliath Technologies as a vendor member of the Arch Collaborative. We look forward to uncovering how they are helping providers with this important issue,” said Adam Gale, Co-Founder & CEO at KLAS Research.  

For more information on Goliath Technologies visit the KLAS Arch Collaborative Page. 

View the Goliath for Healthcare listing on the Epic App Orchard SM.  


About Goliath Technologies: 

Goliath Technologies proactively solves end user clinician and healthcare worker issues with EHR and business applications before users are impacted. Our end-user experience management, monitoring, and troubleshooting products leverage embedded intelligence and automation to compliment Health IT Professionals and proactively identify events and conditions that cause performance issues and resolve them automatically with self-healing capabilities before end users notice an issue. 

Clients include Universal Health Services, Ascension, CommonSpirit Health, Intermountain Healthcare, Children’s National, University of Mississippi, Penn Medicine, and many others.   


About KLAS Research: 

KLAS has been providing accurate, honest, and impartial insights for the healthcare IT (HIT) industry since 1996. The KLAS mission is to improve the world’s healthcare by amplifying the voice of providers and payers. The scope of our research is constantly expanding to best fit market needs as technology becomes increasingly sophisticated. KLAS finds the hard-to-get HIT data by building strong relationships with our payer and provider friends in the industry. Learn more at https://klasresearch.com/.