New Features Automate Discovery, Deployment and Issue Remediation at Remote Sites

Philadelphia, PA January 09, 2013 – Goliath Technologies announced today that they have enhanced their market leading Citrix monitoring, analysis and reporting product to include new capabilities for service providers that remove the inherently challenging process of onboarding and managing remote sites for remote performance monitoring.

“One of the fastest growing segments of the cloud computing market is the service provider that manages on-premises virtual and physical infrastructure from their central operations center. The overwhelming challenge is one of discovery, deployment and the remediation of any performance degradation”, said Thomas Charlton, Chairman and CEO of Goliath Technologies. He continued, “virtual server and desktop deployments offer great benefits, but there is increased complexity so more SMB IT Departments are turning to Service Providers that have specific expertise. Having already invested in on-premises equipment, these customers aren’t moving their infrastructure to the cloud but rather want specialists to manage certain IT assets for them. In our conversations with service providers that focus on remote monitoring, they speak of challenges bringing remote sites online specifically as it pertains to discovery of IT assets and deployment of monitoring solutions. If implementation is too costly or laborious it becomes a commercial obstacle, but without the full visibility that comes with monitoring of the entire infrastructure SLA’s are difficult to meet or at risk. We have developed a technology that offers automated discovery, deployment of Intelligent Agents and configuration of agentless collectors. Essentially our technology facilitates the onboarding process for service providers and enables remote performance monitoring that is proactive versus reactive.”

MonitorIT delivers a performance monitoring, analysis and reporting solution that monitors both physical and virtual infrastructure from one central console. The product is used by many cloud providers due to the native multi-tenancy, cross hypervisor support, and capability of monitoring physical servers, databases, applications, workstations and network elements. This service provider software requires no programming to deliver this functionality.

“Making the transition from PRTG to MonitorIT was an important strategic decision for DHI. In one product, MonitorIT offers the capability to monitor both VMware and XenServer hypervisors along with the physical infrastructure across VLANs, networks, and remote environments, which enables us to simplify our monitoring architecture.”, said Chris Chandler, Managing Partner of DHI. He continued, “But just as importantly, MonitorIT’s new “master agent” capability allows us to auto discover the virtual servers, physical servers, workstations and network devices at a remote location and then, using the “remote master agent” option, automatically deploy agents and configure agentless collection of each element in our remote customer environment. This has had the impact of simplifying administration, reducing the difficulty of onboarding customers, and improving time to remediation.”

“Our Intelligent Agent has always been the foundation of our remote monitoring capability because the unique architecture allows for easy configuration with low resource utilization. Though we do offer agentless monitoring, customers with stringent SLAs need the deep application and operating system visibility you can only get from an agent. Without an agent you can’t initiate automatic fix actions on the alerting remote server such as executing a script, batch, or other executable to remediate and fix the root cause”, said, Floyd Roberts, Vice President and CTO of the MonitorIT product line. He continued, “what we have done is enable our Intelligent Agent, deployed on a remote server, to discover the other servers, workstations and network devices, and then deploy our Windows Agent to these with a couple of mouse clicks via the MonitorIT central console to easily provide this deep application and operating system monitoring. Managing and deploying agents to remote servers and workstations could not be easier.”

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